Face the Facts 

Face the facts analyses emerging issues and upcoming trends in the youth sector, and presents information about these issues in several formats:

Briefings – an in-depth report that reveals the complex factors at play and presents a ‘lay of the land’ view of the key issues involved. We include the major players, relevant policy implications and indications of where this issue may go in the future.

Snapshots – a short, sharp overview of the issue’s major themes and critical points, combined with informative graphics and statistics.

Case studies - insightful reports on programs or services working in the Face the Fact topic area.  These provide background information, analysis of what worked, and reflections on successes and areas for improvement.

Podcasts and webinars - interviews and discussions with experienced practitioners, recognised researchers, and young people provide the personal insights that are vital to round out understanding and knowledge of an issue.

Sexual Health briefing report cover

Young Australians and sexual health

You can download our briefing for a clear and comprehensive overview of academic research into emerging issues in youth sexual health education.

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Measuring VET participation by socioeconomic status: an examination of the robustness of ABS SEIFA measures over time

This report from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research reviews the methodologies used in ABS and NCVER statistical reports which measure the variation of VET participation rates against socio-economic indexes for areas. Original article

23 Jul 2014

Towards a performance measurement framework for equity in higher education

This report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare provides an overview of the development of a potential performance measurement framework for equity in higher education (MFE) to measure progress and gaps in access to and participation in higher education for under-represented groups (Indigenous Australians, those from low socioeconomic status areas, people who live in regional and remote areas, and people with disability). Original article

23 Jul 2014

Mayors share their views at youth leadership seminar

Albury and Wodonga’s mayors shared their insights on how to become strong and effective leaders with 30 Border Bhutanese teenagers at a youth leadership seminar in Wodonga. Original article

23 Jul 2014

Data shows young readers prefer paper books to e-books

According to figures from Australia’s largest bookseller Dymocks, 95 per cent of Australians under 30 said they preferred the hard copy book format over the digital versions. Original article

23 Jul 2014

Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network: Malaysia flight 17 disaster

Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network provides information to help children and young people, and their families, cope with traumatic events. Original article

23 Jul 2014

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