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Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC)

The Australian Institute of Criminology is Australia's national research and knowledge centre on crime and justice.


The AIC has a number of areas within their website with information related to youth and crime.

Young people and crime

The Australian Instituted of Criminology (AIC) provides a comprehensive listing of resources relating to young people in the juvenile justice system. Of particular interest are the sub-categories listed on the right side of the web page:

State and territory systems

The AIC has a listing of the juvenile court system for each state and territory. 


The AIC has statistics on juvenile offenders and detention, as well as other statistics relating to crime and justice. 

South Australia Juvenile Justice (SAJJ) Project on Conferencing

The focus of the SAJJ project was on ways of measuring (1) restorative justice practices and (2) variability in the conference process and participants' understandings of it. While many people assume that a "successful" conference will have positive future effects, the SAJJ project treated this as an open question.

State school kids do better at uni

Australian research has found that, on average, graduates of state schools received the same marks at the end of first-year university as graduates of private schools who had tertiary entrance scores around three to six points higher. Original article

22 Jul 2014

HIV diagnoses rise among young men as overall cases drop in the US

The findings, being released today to coincide with the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne are the first to use data from all 50 US states to examine long-term trends in diagnosis, and demonstrate prevention and screening efforts aren’t adequately reaching a younger group. Original article

22 Jul 2014

Applications for the 2014 Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) are now open

The ACYD is a youth-driven bilateral conference held over four days, from 21 to 24 November in Beijing, China.  ACYD aims to promote sophisticated cross-cultural understanding between emerging Australian and Chinese leaders. Original article

22 Jul 2014

Plain packs help deter young smokers as uptake drops to new low

Evidence is mounting that plain cigarette packaging is helping prevent young people from becoming addicted, life-long customers of big tobacco. Original article

22 Jul 2014

For Gaza's young and ambitious, the conflict is just another one of life's many challenges

While there have been attempts to negotiate an end to the conflict, the violence has only gotten worse. But it's Gaza's young and ambitious who stand to lose the most. Original article

22 Jul 2014

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