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About ACYS

ACYS help desk

ACYS staff can help with information inquiries that relate to youth studies, youth work or youth research.

Please read this first:

We expect that, before approaching us for specialised help, you will have already:

  • explored our topics guide (which is designed to direct you to information on specific youth issues)
  • consulted your university library's reference facilities.

Here's what we do/don't offer by way of help:

  1. We can direct you to further sources of information or to subject experts.
  2. We are not a library.
  3. We do not lend resources.
  4. We do not have free material on topics to post out to you.
  5. While we do our best to respond to requests within 48 hours, some requests may take longer due to weekends. staff availability or the complexity of your request.
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To direct your inquiry to a particular person or section of ACYS, see our who's who at ACYS page.