Researching youth

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Researching youth


Edited by Julie McLeod and Karen Malone

'Researching Youth' is "one of the few current textbooks which focus exclusively on the specific methodological challenges of conducting youth research" providing "fascinating insider accounts of issues of method arising from specific examples of youth research."

-- Sue Heath, Researching young people's lives, SAGE Publications

"...demonstrates amply the breadth and the theoretical depth of Australian research on the much maligned, romanced, researched and imagined group, youth."

-- Debbie Epstein, University of London


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Researching youth

Edited by Julie McLeod and Karen Malone

ACYS Publishing
ISBN 1 875236 4 81, 162pp


This collection of essays explores methodological issues in the field of youth studies, interrogates how we research youth, and links these discussions to contemporary theoretical debates in the social sciences. The voices of young people themselves are used generously by the contributors, enhancing the vitality and relevance of the discussion.

About the Editors  

Julie McLeod is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Deakin University, where she has also been a Lecturer in Women's Studies. She has taught and published on the sociology of gender and the social, historical and cultural context of education. Her research interests include feminist and social theory in educational research, and studies of subjectivity.

Karen Malone is Asia-Pacific Director, UNESCO-MOST Growing Up in Cities project and Senior Lecturer in Science and Environmental Education at Monash University. She has taught  and published widely in the multidisciplinary field of children's environments, urban planning and participatory action. 

New website to aid parents launched

Orygen Youth Health Research Centre and Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre have launched a new website called ‘Parenting strategies: Preventing adolescent alcohol misuse’. The site features guidelines for parents who want to help their teens manage alcohol well.

17 Dec 2010

Youth-led convention highlights available

Excerpts from the first ever youth-led convention, which was organised by the Australian Government in partnership with the Left Right Think Tank and held in November, are now available.

17 Dec 2010

Cybersafety Help Button

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has launched a new Cybersafety button to give children and young people easy access to cybersafety help and information.

15 Dec 2010

Research reveals the hybrid identities of Sydney's multicultural youth

A report conducted by the University of Western Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney about how young people from minority backgrounds in west and south-west Sydney feel about their cultural identities.

15 Dec 2010