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Pregnant teens feel self-conscious

Recent PhD research has initiated the first step in "developing a framework for student welfare policy and guidelines for teenage mothers in the education system".

Mr Iain Hay of the University of Canberra has undertaken a research project to understand the complexity of motherhood and teenage pregnancy, which he hopes will become a resource for schools dealing with teenage mothers. His research has found that young mothers are "very conscious about how society judges them", in some cases "shopping late at night so they are not seen by others pushing a pram".

Mr Hay argues that despite teenage pregnancy numbers remaining static since the 1970's, the negative consequences of teenage motherhood remain a hot topic for social commentators, the media and politicians. Findings from his research also highlight the importance of early sex education as a measure to help reduce the number of teenage pregnancies.

A summary of Mr Hay's research can be found on the University of Canberra website:


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