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Bibliographies compiled by the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies include:

Bibliographies compiled by other organisations



  • Adolescent Identity Development: information resources for meeting the identity development needs of ethnic young adults; prepared by the Young Adult Resources team, College of Information Science and Technology, Drexel University, USA.


  • Youth Literacy Research Project
    Australian Council for Adult Literacy
  • Boys and gender: compiled by "On Behalf of Boys" Project (Haverford School, 450 Lancaster Avenue, Haverford, PA 19041 USA), this bibliography is part of the "On Behalf of Boys" Project, a center for "research, discussion and advocacy for boys' lives. Web site: Also see WHYY Ready To Learn Service


European information:

  • The web site of the Council of Europe (an international organisation in Strasbourg which comprises 45 democratic countries of Europe) has bibliographies on a variety of subjects, clearly marked as to their currency. They are in a section on European Youth Centres' Libraries -- the European Youth Centres provide documentation for the educational activities of the Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Sport and an information services for its visitors and distance users.

Future studies:

Indigenous youth

Public space




  • A list of online resources, including the The National Child Protection Clearinghouse bibliography on resilience.


  • Responding to school violence: An annotated bibliography of teachers' resources
    Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1999. First published in 1999 by Central Queensland University Press, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Queensland 4700
    ISBN 1 875998 64 0/ DETYA No 6288QPOC99A
    A copy of this book is located at


Youth development:

  • AUSYOUTH issued an annotated bibliography of literature and other documentation about the evolving youth development movement, both in Australia and overseas. The PDF document can be downloaded from the archive of the AUSYOUTH project, which is now maintained by the Australian Government web site, the source, at:
  • Center for 4-H Youth Development is linked with the University of Minnesota Extension Service. The Center supports research, teaching, and outreach in community based non-formal youth development education
  • Publications Related to Youth Development prepared by the (US) National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth
  • Youth Development: Issues, Challenges, and Directions; (Fall 2000, 324 pages); this US overview is at:

Youth suicide prevention:

  • The National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy Communications Project archives are at:
  • Suicide and the Media: A Critical Review: This is a review of the world literature on the complex issue of whether media reporting of a suicide can influence others to suicide and the manner in which this influence may occur. The report was produced by Jane Pirkis of the University of Melbourne and Warwick Blood of the Australian National University for the Media Reference Group, a subcommittee of the National Advisory Council to the National Suicide Prevention Strategy - Life (Living is for everyone). Both the full report [~1169Kb] and an executive summary [~949Kb] are available for download as PDF files from the AUSEINET web site at

For complete and up to date bibliographies, see your university libraries' bibliographic databases. Contribute to this page: If you know of an online bibliography relating to youth, or wish us to place a link from this page to yours, please contact ACYS: submit content to this section by using the online form or send an email message now.


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