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Opting out: Early school leavers and the degeneration of youth policy

Opting out
Early school leavers and the degeneration of youth policy

A report by Peter Dwyer and the Youth Research Centre

NCYS Publishing
ISBN 1875236341


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Despite the dramatic improvement in apparent retention rates in Australia, early school leavers remain a problem for policymakers at both the state and federal levels. Available research and commissioned reports on youth homelessness, truancy, alienation in the middle years of schooling and youth unemployment, have highlighted the seriousness of the situation confronting those young Australians who, whatever the reason, choose or feel compelled to leave without completing school after -– or even before -- the school leaving age.

… [The report] is a deliberate effort to pull the threads together -- to document in a single source and as thoroughly as possible what we know about the nature of the problem, about its extent, causes and outcomes, about the many programs which demonstrate that effective responses are possible, and also about the policy implications both of the realities of early school leaving and of those effective responses.

From the introduction to Opting out: Early school leavers and the degradation of youth policy

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'Let's talk about sex' - National survey

Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS (YEAH) and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) are conducting a national survey of young people on sex and sexual health education.  Original article

03 May 2012

New webinar series for the youth sector

The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) and the Youth Research Centre from the University of Melbourne will be co-presenting a webinar series, Open Space, looking at issues important to the youth sector. The first webinar entitiled Promoting young people’s wellbeing in communities will be held on 6 June at 2:30pm. Presenter Andrew Cummings from AYAC is joined by researcher, Richard Eckersley, Young and Well's Michelle Blanchard and other practitioners discussing the importance of community to the wellbeing of young people. Registration information

03 May 2012

Keep them safe interim review- workforce survey 2012

The NSW Government is undertaking an Interim Review of the NSW Action Plan Keep Them Safe: A Shared Approach to Child Wellbeing. This includes a survey targeting Mandatory Reporters across New South Wales. Original article

03 May 2012

Effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for children and adolescents

A review conducted by the Anna Freud Centre and Tavistock Clinic in London suggests this treatment can be effective for a range of childhood disorders – though some disorders are more responsive to psychotherapy than others. Original article

03 May 2012

Youth Foyer for vulnerable young people in Victoria

Funding for a trial of youth foyers in Victoria has been included as part of the recently announced state budget, with first of three foyers to be built in Broadmeadows. Original article

03 May 2012

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