Outrageous: Moral panics in Australia

Table of contents

Scott Poynting and George Morgan

Curfew, children, class and colonialism
George Morgan

Riot, resistance and moral panic: Demonising the colonial other
Chris Cunneen

Danger from below: Anti-eviction struggle in Sydney, January to July, 1931
Drew Cottle and Angela Keys

Taking it to the streets: The larrikins and the Lebanese
Rob White

The blame game: Struggles over the representation of the ‘Macquarie Fields riots’
Murray Lee

‘…To try to ruin’: Rock’n’roll, youth culture and law’n’order in Brisbane, 1956–1957
Raymond Evans

‘Why are they all drinking water?’ Raves, ecstasy and the death of Anna Wood
Shane Homan

Heroin epidemic! Drugs and moral panic in the western suburbs of Melbourne 1995–1996
James Rowe

Contesting Cabramatta: Moral panic and media interventions in ‘Australia’s heroin capital’
Tanja Dreher

The hoon: Controlling the streets?
Glen Fuller

It’s a security thing’: Mobile phones and moral regulation
Jayde Cahir and Greg Noble

The Afghan Other
Nahid Kabir

Thugs’ and ‘grubs’ at Cronulla: From media beat-ups to beating up migrants
Scott Poynting

White natives and gang rape at the time of centenary
Kate Gleeson

‘Like a pack of wild animals’: Moral panics around ‘ethnic’ gang rape in Sydney
Selda Dagistanli

Public health and sexual morality: Venereal disease in World War II Australia
Michael Sturma

Innocent children, dangerous families and homophobic panic
Affrica Taylor

Evaluation report of the Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion Pilot Scheme

This report from the UK looks at the provision of healthcare within the youth justice system, and the results of a pilot program to identify and meet a range of health and developmental issues. Original article

22 Mar 2012

Telstra will stop billing young people up to $100 to use Kids Helpline

A spokesman from Telstra told The Sunday Telegraph the company would stop the charges to the 1800 number from mobile phones. The cost would be covered by Telstra's $250 million support fund for underprivileged customers. Original article

22 Mar 2012

LIFE newsletter

The recent issue of the LIFE (Living Is For Everyone) newsletter features commentary from Chris Tanti, CEO of headspace, on 'Young people, the internet and suicide risk'.  Original article

22 Mar 2012

Youth Week 2012 calendar of events

The Youth Week website has an events calendar listing events that have been planned so far for this year's Youth Week. Events can be added and the calendar sorted by location.  Original article

22 Mar 2012

Young leaders pave the way for constitutional change

You Me Unity reports on a forum organised by the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) in Redfern and supported by Reconciliation Australia that brought together 76 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for four days, representing all Australian states and territories. Original article

21 Mar 2012

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