Youth, crime and the media: Media representation of and reaction to young people in relation to law and order 

Table of contents

Judith Bessant & Richard Hil

Theorising the media and the regulation of youth

Youth crime, the media and moral panic
Brian Simpson

Violence in the media: Youth, government and censorship
Gordon Tait, Gavin Kendall & Belinda Carpenter

What the papers say: The media, the ‘underclass’ and sociology
Judith Bessant

The crime-youth unemployment link: Textual representations
Michael Wearing

Youth crime and the economy of news production
Howard Sercombe

A sight to behold: Media and the visualisation of youth, evil and innocence 
Susanne Davies

Young people and social order: Depictions and reactions

Waves, epidemics and racial war: The construction of a ‘black juvenile crime problem’ in Queensland
Richard Hil

Rough justice: Juveniles and the reporting of crime in Townsville
Anthony McMahon

Reading television news reports: Train ‘surfing’ on commercial television
John Hillel

Whose views? Whose interests? The absence of young people's voices in mainstream media reports on crime
Phil Crane

Media portrayals of young people
Terry Laidler

Youth and crime in television news bulletins
Peter Rendell

Rethinking moral panic and child abuse for 2000
Chris Atmore

Representations of specific youth populations

Representations of young women as victims of sexual violence
Kerry Carrington

The print media's portrayal of boys who kill
Ruth Webber & Vila Svensson

Disabling images: Young people, print media and the law
Genee Marks & Sandy Cook

‘Look mum, no shirt!’ Media representations of young Nazis
David Greason

In search of order: Reporting car thefts in Western Australia
Doug Lorman

The ‘imagined reality’ of Vietnamese young people in the media
Soo-Lin Quek

Suburbanasia! Ways of reading cultural difference in the mainstream Australian media
Ashley Carruthers

‘Revolting, lewd, disgusting and indecent’: Australian press representations of student protesters, 1965–1969
Rob Watts

Cinematic representations: Fact, fantasy and pulp fiction

Romper stomper: Violence for violence's sake, or movie with a message?
Karl Quinn

Heavenly creatures: Interacting worlds of fact and fantasy
John C. Murray

Generation Pulp: Pulp fiction as a Gen-X cultural product
Susan Hopkins

Unemployed youth mix job search with study

Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that most 15- to 19-year olds who are classified as unemployed are studying. Original article

17 May 2013

Youth reach out for mental health help online

A study by the Inspire Foundation has found that young people in distress are more likely to look for mental health help online rather than seek help from a professional. Original article

17 May 2013

Queensland out of step on age of consent laws

Age of consent laws for heterosexuals and homosexuals should be brought in line with each other in an overhaul which also focuses on age differences in prosecutions, according to Queensland's Youth Advocacy Centre. Original article

17 May 2013

AYAC reports on the Federal Budget and youth issues

The Deputy-Director of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition was in Canberra for the release of the Government's budget. He reports on the issues that will affect young Australians. Original article

17 May 2013

Making Australian health and welfare data available

David Kalisch, Director and CEO, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, talks about the importance of making data publicly available in order for government and service delivery organisations to be more effective. Original article

17 May 2013

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