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ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

2006 VGen Youth Summit

All you need to know about the 2006 Vision Generation National Youth Summit!

VGen?s Youth Summit will be an opportunity for YOU and VGen members from all over Australia to come together for three days of:?

  • motivation
  • advocacy training
  • leadership
  • interaction and stirring!

NEWSFLASH! Applications for Victorian Day Delegates have been extended!
Please submit your application by Wednesday the 20th??of September.

2006 Vision Generation Youth Summit

Summit Theme: Take It Personally

The Youth Summit, being held from 22nd-24th September, will take place in Melbourne, Victoria.

How will YOU fight global poverty and injustice?
What can YOU do to create a just world for future generations?

Day 1: Friday 22nd September Gala Dinner

As a delegate, you will arrive by plane in Melbourne on Friday 22nd September. Here you will be taken to our accommodation during the Summit program, at Adventure Youth Hostels Australia (YHA) in North Melbourne.? Throughout the afternoon you will participate in group activities?and loads of get-to-know you games. You will also have the opportunity to go sight-seeing around Melbourne.

GALA DINNER: Official Opening of the Youth Summit

The Gala Dinner will take place in the Graham Irvine Centre at World Vision Australia's Head Office in East Burwood. Wearing formal attire, delegates will have the opportunity to meet with members of World Vision Australia's Board, CEO Tim Costello and other officers within World Vision.

2006 Summit Convenor Chris Varney and Tim Costello will present on the importance of World Vision's engagement with young people and the potential of Vision Generation. Following this will be a buffet dinner, a disco and dance-off.

Day 2: Saturday 23rd September Workshops and Discussion Groups

1. What is your vision for our generation?
Through a series of? discussion groups?you'll be helping?us improve how VGen:

  • Engages and empowers other young Australians
  • Advocates on behalf of the poor (showcasing?our STIR Radio and Make Poverty History activities)
  • Fundraises for World Vision projects. Concentrating on some national directions
  • Partners?with?World Vision. Yet it also partners with other?related NGOs, Schools,?Unis/TAFEs and churches.

There are four main workshops which will be undertaken by every delegate.
1. Lobbying for the history of poverty:
Presenter: World Vision Advocacy Campaigns Manager & VGen Leader

Understand the goals of the Make Poverty History campaign.?
Analyse the Australian Government's current commitment to aid, trade and debt.
Acquire advocacy skills useful for raising awareness through events.
Learn the best approach when consulting politicians.

2. Child Rights:
Presenter: World Vision Advocacy & VGen Leader

Learn what World Vision is doing around the world to protect child rights and stop child exploitation.

3. Poverty + Environment - Connected?
Presenter: Tony Rinaudo, World Vision Program Officer and Erin Riddel, Advocacy Chair, Vision Generation South Australia
Find out:

  • How?are extreme poverty and the environment connected?
  • Are they problems that need to be tackled together?
  • What are some examples of their connectedness?
  • What?can one person (or a group of inspired VGenners)?do about it?

4. Indigenous poverty in Australia
Presenter: World Vision Domestic Programs & VGen leader.

  • Grasp?the complexity of Indigenous issues
  • Hear stories and experiences from Indigenous communities
  • What does Reconciliation mean?
  • Learn about how you and VGen can be active in the Make Indigenous Poverty History campaign

Day 3

Get practical!
Take your passion for Make Poverty History to the streets!

  • YOU will take part in a practical and creative way of making OUR voices heard regarding the issue of debt.
  • Think Make Poverty History!
  • Think a march down the streets of Melbourne with like minded young people and trams and traffic!
  • An interactive and exciting media stunt!
The Blender Forum: talk to other Stirrers
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