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... extremely useful for my professional development
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Frequently asked questions:

What's a clearinghouse?

A clearinghouse aims to collect valuable information in a specific field and to make that information available to people and groups working in that field. As a central access point, a clearinghouse serves the needs of users of a specific body of knowledge. One of its functions is to prevent the duplication of effort by those users, by identifying, describing and evaluating information relevant to their knowledge area. Thus in some of its tasks, a clearinghouse is similar to a library, repository, or a warehouse in that it receives, organises and disseminates information. See our short bibliography on clearinghouses.

What services does ACYS offer?

ACYS activities include publishing Youth Studies Australia, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, issued quarterly; Youth Field Xpress, an email newsletter issued monthly, free of charge; and books on contemporary youth issues.

Because ACYS is not a lending library, the kind of help we offer is to help you identify the resources you need on a topic, either within our own published material or eslewhere. We also list specialist centres for further information in our Topics guide.

Through ACYS web services such as the Australian Youth Facts and Stats web site, which presents 'just the facts' on a variety of subjects, and this web site, ACYS provides resources and information on youth issues.

The ACYS help desk on this web site aims to help refer you to specialised information.

How quickly will ACYS answer my question?

We try to respond to requests within 24 hours, but it may take longer due to weekends and staff availability.

Is Youth Studies Australia available online?

The journal is available online from ACYS to those who are subscribers as of the March 2006 issue. It also continues to be published in hard copy form.

Youth Studies Australia is also available as an online subscription
from Informit e-Library. Informit is available at most tertiary institution's libraries. See:;issn=1038-2569;res=E-LIBRARY
?? or (Informit's coverage starts from vol.22, no.1, March 2003.)?

Where can I find more detailed information on a subject?

Besides the Topics guide see the subject index to journal articles featured in Youth Studies Australia. You may also send a question to the ACYS help desk.

Will ACYS send me documents / journal articles or fact sheets for my assignment topic?

ACYS is not a library, and advises tertiary students to first consult your university library reference section before approaching us for specialist help.

Also try the subject index to journal articles featured in Youth Studies Australia and the Australian Youth Facts and Stats site.?

What kind of help does ACYS offer for school assignments?

As the volume of such requests is too great for our small resource base, we recommend that students first consult our Topics guide to locate information on specific youth issues. Do contact us if you cannot find what you need there.

Also try the subject index to journal articles featured in Youth Studies Australia and also visit our Youth Facts and Stats section. Then consult your school library for further help.

ACYS does not offer opinion or survey responses.

Does ACYS charge for help?

We respond to information requests free of charge, but the supply of photocopies will involve a fee.

Does ACYS lend books?

No, we are not a lending library.

Does ACYS undertake research?

We do not undertake research, but the ACYS web site does carry information about research organisations, and our journal carries reports of research and feature articles written by researchers around the country. We can help you to identify specialist researchers on particular topics.

Does ACYS supply copies of journal articles?

ACYS supplies photocopies of articles from Youth Studies Australia for a small fee, or alternatively, whole single back issues of the journal may be purchased.

Where can I find a youth researcher?

Please consult the Directory of Youth Researchers which is maintained by the Australian Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne.

Where can I find out about courses of study in youth work?

Please consult our listing of Australian courses.

Will ACYS help me with funding or sponsorship?

We do not provide funding or sponsorship. Please contact the Foundation for Young Australians for advice on sources of funding.

Can I reproduce items from ACYS publications?

Copyright law applies. See the copyright conditions that apply for each of our publications.