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September 2006

ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

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Advertising in Youth Studies Australia journal:

Youth Studies Australia can help you promote a youth-related product or event.

We accept loose-leaf flyers for distribution along with Youth Studies Australia. The cost is AUD$300 (plus GST if applicable) for insertion of 1,200 flyers in one of Youth Studies Australia?s quarterly mailouts.

To book your space, please email us via the form below.


  • The product or event you are promoting must be relevant primarily to the Youth Studies Australia target readership, i.e. those working or studying in the youth field rather than appealing directly to young people themselves.
  • Book well in advance, as we have a weight limit of four inserts per issue.
  • Youth Studies Australia mailouts occur in March, June, September and December. To book your space, use the form below, or contact Kathleen Robinson: ph (03) 6226 2591.
  • Size and weight of the flyer must not exceed one A4 page, printed on paper stock less than 120 gsm.
  • Please note: The size of Youth Studies Australia is a bit less than A4, so in order to fit inside the journal, A4 size flyers must be folded in half or thirds before being sent to us, ready for distribution in Youth Studies Australia.
  • Your flyers would need to reach us at the following delivery address in the first week of the month in which they are to be posted:

ACYS Publishing, University of Tasmania
TT Flynn entrance (off Churchill Ave)
Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005.

  •  NB: Book in advance: we have a weight limit on mailouts of the journal and can include only four flyers with each journal distributed.

After the journal has been distributed, we will send you an invoice for AUD$300 (plus GST if applicable).


(The journal is distributed in these months only)
Title (of product or event you are promoting)
Brief description of the content of the flyer
Your name
Email address
Phone (office hours)
Include area code
(Include area code)