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The August 2006 edition of our newsletter, Youth Field Xpress, is now online.

ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

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Alert services

Alert services and current awareness services
These are services, often deliveredy via email, that enable you to know about news and new content on websites speedily.

The services below fit into one of the categories:

  • 'current awareness services'
  • news services
  • media release services
  • publishers' tables of contents services (delivered prior to publication).
Example: Subscribe to our YSA TOC ALERT for news of the latest edition of our journal, Youth Studies Australia.

1. Current awareness services through academic libraries

  • Current Contents
    This is a current awareness service designed for the world academic community. It contains contents pages and abstracts of 8,000 scholarly journals from March 1993 right up to the present moment of publication. The service is an indispensable part of research. In Australia, anyone who's a bona fide student or staff member at an Australian university can use Current Contents. Contact your local library or university library about access privileges, login details and passwords.

2. News distribution services and news updates via email

For news and updates, a 'distribution list (different to a 'discussion' lists) acts as news service. They have 'one-way traffic' only: from the provider to you via email.

Examples of news distribution services of interest:

  • Youth Field Xpress (our e-newsletter)
    This is an email newsletter which carries short snippets of news at the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (creators of this web). Issued once a month via email it is also archived online.
    To subscribe, send a message to: [email protected]
  • InfoXchange (general youth work news)
  • AIFS-alert (Australian Institute of Family Studies)
  • Australian Childrens' rights newsletter (DCI)
  • AWCH Electronic Newsletter
  • Drug Leads (Australian Drug Foundation)
  • edna">EdNA (education-related)
  • Fast facts (VET news)
  • Foundation for Young Australians grants alert
  • ?
  • Just Act (Queensland's Youth Justice Coalition
  • HREOC news
  • Yspace email newsletter
  • The Update: AuNz Net and Information Industry Briefs
  • YACVic Announce list (Youth peak news, Victoria)
  • (UK) Youth Policy Updating Service

InfoXchange's Infocast of health and community sector news and information - see; also see their YOUTH NEWS section.

Australian Institute for Family Studies

To subscribe, see:
List owner: email: [email protected]

AWCH Electronic Newsletter (Association for the Welfare of Child Health)
PO Box 113, Westmead, 2145
Ph: (02) 9633 1988; fax: (02) 9633 1180
Email: [email protected]

'Drug Leads'
Australian Drug Foundation
This is an issues, media, news and events update from the ADF. 'Drug Leads' is distributed each week via email to professionals working in the alcohol and drug field, as well as to teachers, students and individuals who want information on drugs and alcohol. Subscribe via the ADF web site.

EdNA email lists
The Communicator is the EdNA email newsletter supplying the latest education and training news. To join: send an email to: [email protected] (and to post a message once subsdcribed: [email protected])
Also see:

Fast Facts
This is a fortnightly email and fax newsletter published by ANTA that outlines news and events in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. All Fast Facts editions are on the ANTA web site. Contact the editor at [email protected]

The Foundation for Young Australians grants alert
If you would like to receive email notification of our grant rounds as they are announced, send an email to: [email protected], with Grants Alert Mailing List Addition in the subject field. You will receive notification of approximately five grant rounds in 2003.

Government information:
The Australian Government has a 'Media Release Service' provided by AUSINFO which allows you to be notified when new press releases are found on the Government web site. For further details see the media subscription service at
Also see:
Youth Pathways Action Plan, Taskforce Secretariat's online newsletter [link no longer active] is produced as issues of interest arise. [Youth Pathways action plan link:; also try: ed. Feb. 2005]

Training and Youth Online: A web-based newsletter providing up-to-date information on the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training's training and youth initiatives.
Web site:


Yspace email newsletter edited by Phil Crane at the University of Queensland [email protected] To subscribe, send an email to [email protected] with the message 'Subscribe newsletter'

The Update: AuNz Net and Information Industry Briefs

Youth peak news services