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Civics and citizenship

Educational resources on civis and citizenship

Civics and citizenship education website
This portal is maintained by the Curriculum Corporation for the Federal Government Department of Education, Science and Training.

The Common Good: Civics and citizenship education
The Common Good is an ABC web page of resources for learning about civics and citizenship. Its material is drawn from ABC TV and Radio, as well as a number of online productions created in collaboration with other organisations.

Constitutional Convention
The ABC developed this educational site about the Constitutional Convention, held at the time of Australia's republic debate in 1998.

Government resources on civics and citizenship

In 2006, the Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA) endorsed a process for jurisdictions to comply with the relevant section of the Australian Government Schools Assistance Act 2004 on ?the implementation of Statements of Learning?. Statements of Learning for Civics and Citizenship are available for download from:
The Parliament of Australia website has a page that contains links to transpcripts of the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention held in 1998. (Link to Hansard)

Youth Studies Australia journal articles on civics and citizenship

The following articles were published in our jouranl and are available from ACYS for a fee:

Schooling for democracy: Issues on student participation, by S. Wilson
Youth Studies Australia, 2000, v.19, n.2 pp.25-31.

Spectators in Australian politics? Young voters' interest in politics and political issues, by Q. Beresford and H.C.J. Phillips
Youth Studies Australia, 1997, v.16, n.4 pp.11-16.

Adulthood: Is it just a question of age?, by T. Ryall
Youth Studies Australia, 1996, v.15, n.1 pp.32-33.

Whereas the (mostly male?) people - addressing the gender imbalance in public life; and Case study: Activists in school uniform, by S. Munter
Youth Studies Australia, 1996, v.15, n.1 pp.28-31.

Schools as public institutions: Students and citizenship, by M. Brennan
Youth Studies Australia, 1996, v.15, n.1 pp.24-25.

Dilemmas and opportunities for the young, active citizen; and Citiz-speak: Any advance on Cicero?, by D. Owen
Youth Studies Australia, 1996, v.15, n.1 pp.20-23.

Research findings on students' perceptions of political awareness and the characteristics of a 'good citizen', by H.C.J. Phillips and W. Moro
Youth Studies Australia, 1996, v.15, n.1 pp.13-19.

Developing socially responsible youth, by P. Cole
Youth Studies and Abstracts: Bulletin of the National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, 1988, v.7, n.1 pp.16-20.