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Our journal, Youth Studies Australia, is issued quarterly in March, June, September and December.

ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

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Youth research resources and centres

Youth research centres and expertise

Australian Youth Research Centre (AYRC, or, YRC)
Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010
Ph: (03) 8344 9633 Fax: (03) 8344 9632
Established in 1988 in response to a recognised need by the youth affairs sector for relevant and up-to-date research on the issues facing young people today, this centre undertakes a broad range of activities, which are primarily research based. The YRC has expertise in research on education, transition pathways, social justice, and livelihood issues as they affect young people. The YRC undertakes research and publishes the outcomes for policy makers and the youth sector; provides information and policy advice to governments and other organisations; assists and encourages individuals or groups working with young people.
The Youth Research Centre also manages YARN (the Youth Affairs Research Network), an email discussion list and network, and jointly manages the AYIN discussion list (Australian Youth Information Network) along with ACYS. The AYRC also maintains the Australian Directory of Youth Researchers

Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
Web site:
ARACY focuses on the impact of all social, economic and health investments and social interventions regarding children and young people.

Also see:

University of Melbourne's Centre for Adolescent Health

Australian Catholic University: Quality of Life and Social Justice Flagship (St Patrick's Campus, Victoria)

RMIT: Global Studies, Social Science and Planning Unit

Finding youth researchers and experts:

Australian Directory of Youth Researchers
The Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne maintains a handy list of experts in youth studies and youth research. Researchers are encouraged to register on the database, which is managed by the University of Melbourne in conjunction with the University of Tasmania.
View database.

Eurpope: provides an experts database which extends to including experts outside European countries.

Note for students:

All those universities with youth studies areas have the capacity to supervise postgraduate research candidates for Masters and PhD programs.

A supervisor can help you in thinking about your postgraduate research and will direct you to resources and research in your general field. Some universities will have a research unit focused on your particular area of interest, containing the work of academics on that subject. Inquire at individual university faculties.