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ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

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10 - 14 Oct 2006 The 35th Annual North American Association for Environmental Education Conference, Minnesota
Connecting EE and Society....Making Waves and a Real Difference.
The 2006 conference will seek to examine the best of what Environmental Education has to offer in meeting those challenges and how we integrate environmental education concepts into all aspects of society, instead of staying just on the water's edge. It is time to make not only ripples but some real waves.

The conference will have 5 or 6 strands to help cluster relevant presentations. These may be expressed in the form of questions that a given presentation proposal should address, such as:
How does EE help achieve excellence in education?
How can EE better serve and connect with diverse/underserved audiences?
How can EE engage the business community and promote sustainability practices?
What is the EE community doing to mentor young people in conservation careers?
How can EE contribute to effective resolution of environmental controversies?
What does EE and community-based social marketing have in common?
How can EE institutions become stronger and more financially stable?
Venue: St. Paul ,Minnesota, USA
Contact: North American Association for Environmental Education
2000 P Street NW, Suite 540 Washington DC 20036
ph: (202) 419-0412
fax: (202) 419-0415

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