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ACYS books include titles such as Researching youth; Ethnic minority youth, Youth, crime and the media, and others on youth subcultures, and young people and work.

ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

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10 Nov 2006 One-day Workshop: Double Trouble: Drugs and Mental Health, NSW
We use terms like "comorbidity" and "dual diagnosis" to mean a co-existing mental health problem and substance use, as it it is surprising that people with a mental illness would want to engage in drug use. Drug use is widespread in the community, however, and cuts across all demographics. This workshop will explore the risks for all users of drugs with respect to their mental health, including cannabis and links with psychosis; and methamphetamine psychosis. The controversial area of slef-medication will be examined. There will be an opportunity to look at the extraordinarily high rate and volume of tobacco smoking in this group and some of the momentum beginning to build in the area of treatment of this oft-forgotten community. Venue: Albion Street Centre Training Annex
349 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW Australia
Contact: Margaret Eagers
ph: (02) 9385 0333 or 0425 220 622

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