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ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

Forthcoming Conferences

The Australian Institute of Family Studies holds biennial conferences on family research and policy. The most recent conference, Families Matter was held in Melbourne, 9-11 February 2005 - papers are available online. Find out about our earlier conferences from the many papers that have been made available online.

The following list of forthcoming Australian and international conferences focusing on family research, policy and related areas is regularly updated (last updated 11 September 2006 - most recent additions marked 'New'). For further information about individual conferences, please refer to the respective contact organisations or persons.

See also: Related conferences and Papers online.
The Courses and Training page lists organisations that run workshops and provide training.

Previous conference information - 2005


2006: September | October | November | December

2007: January | February | March | May | June | July | September | October


September 2006
1 Sep 2006 Melbourne, Vic Law Institute Victoria 2006 Family Law Conference
3-6 Sep 2006 York, UK XVIth ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect - Children in a Changing World: Getting It Right
3-6 Sep 2006 Wollongong, NSW Community Legal Centres National Conference - Opening Closed Doors: CLCs Advancing Community Justice
3-7 Sep 2006 Melbourne, Vic 27th Australian Family Therapy Conference
4-5 Sep 2006 Bendigo, Vic Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities National Conference on the Socio-Economic Implications of Climate Change on Regional Communities
6-8 Sep 2006 Brisbane, Qld Protecting Children Today Conference
7-8 Sep 2006 Sydney, NSW From Tolerance to Respect: Cultural Competence in Practice
7-10 Sep 2006 Glasgow, Scotland International Conference on Young People, Risk, Resilience and Resistance
10-14 Sep 2006 Melbourne, Vic 17th International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions Congress
12-13 Sep 2006 Darwin, NT 'Positive Ways: An Indigenous Say' National Conference - Victims and Justice Issues in an Indigenous Context
12-14 Sep 2006 Oxford, UK International Conference on Child Cohort Studies
13-16 Sep 2006 Albury, NSW 'Building Bridges - Crossing Borders' National SARRAH Conference
14-15 Sep 2006 Canberra, ACT 6th Annual Colloquium of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime - Communities in Action for Crime Prevention
18-19 Sep 2006 Adelaide, SA A Fair Go For All? Policy Responses to Alcohol, Drug and Gambling
20 Sep 2006 Leicestershire, UK A Fairer Society? A Review of Policies for Vulnerable Groups
24-27 Sep 2006 Brisbane, Qld Learning Communities Conference 2006
25-27 Sep 2006 Melbourne, Vic Governments and Communities in Partnership: from Theory to Practice Conference
26-30 Sep 2006 Auckland, New Zealand 2006 Joint Conference of the APS and NZPsS - Psychology Bridging the Tasman: Science, Culture and Practice
27-29 Sep 2006 Norman, Oklahoma, USA 14th Oklahoma Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect and Healthy Families 2006
29 Sep - 1 Oct 2006 Adelaide, SA National Foster Care Conference 2006 - Supporting Caring Families: Meeting the Challenges of the Next 5 Years
October 2006
11 Oct 2006 Glasgow, Scotland (Un)Happy Hours: Young People, Drinking and Violence
11-13 Oct 2006 Oslo, Norway 4th World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders
13-15 Oct 2006 Melbourne, Vic 3rd International Conference on Healthy Ageing and Longevity
13-15 Oct 2006 Melbourne, Vic AGMC 2006 Conference
13-15 Oct 2006 Amherst, Massachusetts, USA New Methods for the Analysis of Family and Dyadic Processes
16-18 Oct 2006 Brisbane, Qld Strengths-Based Practice Conference 2006
18-20 Oct 2006 Coffs Harbour, NSW Local Government Community Services Association NSW Conference
22-26 Oct 2006 Perth, WA 12th National Family Law Conference
23-25 Oct 2006 Melbourne, Vic Walk21 - 7th International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities new!
26-28 Oct 2006 Minneapolis, USA 10th Annual Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth Conference
27 Oct 2006 Brisbane, Qld Social Change in the 21st Century new!
27-28 Oct 2006 Roma, Qld 14th Annual Queensland Child Health Conference - Bush, Culture and Kids
28-29 Oct Dec 2006 Sydney, NSW Building Better Boards
29 Oct - 1 Nov 2006 Fremantle, WA From Babies to Blokes: the Making of Men - Men's Advisory Network Inc. National Conference
30-31 Oct 2006 Adelaide, SA Towards A Healthy Nation: Meeting the Challenges of a Diverse Society for Good Health and Well-being new!
31 Oct - 3 Nov 2006 Gold Coast, Qld 2006 ANZATSA Conference - Preventing Sex Crime: From Evidence and Explanation to Policy and Practice
November 2006
1-3 Nov 2006 Christchurch, New Zealand Involve 06 - Youth Health and Development Conference
2-3 Nov 2006 Melbourne, Vic Economic and Social Outlook Conference - Making the Boom Pay: Securing the Next Generation of Prosperity
2-3 Nov 2006 Cumbernauld, Scotland A Gift for Life? Building Better Childhoods for Scotland's Children
2-5 Nov 2006 Glenelg, SA Suicide Prevention Australia National Conference - Connecting Pathways: Big Country, Big Picture new!
8-11 November 2006 Minneapolis, Minnesota 68th National NCFR Conference - Unanswered Questions in Marriage and Family Science
10-12 Nov 2006 Hyderabad, India Strength Based Strategies 2006
13-14 Nov 2006 London, UK Parent Child 2006: Happy Families?
13-15 November 2006 Sydney, NSW 5th Australian and New Zealand Adolescent Health Conference - Young People's Health: what's it going to take
16-18 Nov 2006 Melbourne, Vic Honoring the Child, Honoring Equity 6 - Cultures, Challenges and Change in Troubling Times
19-21 Nov 2006 Perth, WA United We Stand: Building Knowledge and Strengthening Practice in Our Communities
20 Nov 2006 Brisbane, Qld Work-Life Balance: Challenges and Solutions new!
22-24 Nov 2006 Sydney, NSW AAG 2006 National Conference - Diversity in Ageing
23-24 Nov 2006 Sydney, NSW ACOSS Congress - Australia Fair: Advance or Retreat
23-24 Nov 2006 Melbourne, Vic QEC 4th National Conference - Early Childhood: Evidence Into Practice
26-28 Nov 2006 Adelaide, SA Australia and New Zealand Third Sector Research Eighth Biennial Conference - Navigating New Waters
27-19 Nov 2006 Newcastle, NSW 4th National Indigenous Education Conference - Getting on with the job: Indigenous Engagement in Education
27-29 Nov 2006 Wellington, New Zealand International Conference on the Family Group Conference
30 Nov 2006 Malvern, Vic 8th Australian Conference on Quality of Life
December 2006
4-5 Dec 2006 Wellington, New Zealand 10th Early Childhood Research Conference
5-8 Dec 2006 Adelaide, SA Australian Population Association 13th Biennial Conference - Population, Policy and Australia's Destiny
10-13 Dec 2006 Sydney, NSW ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference
14-16 Dec 2006 Hobart, Tas Isolation: Disconnection, Solitude and Seclusion in a Connected World


January 2007
10-12 Jan 2007 Sydney, NSW HEIA Biennial Conference - Horizons in Home Economics
17-18 Jan 2007 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia International Family Law Conference of the 21st Century: Legal Development and Way Forward
22-26 Jan 2007 San Diego, USA 21st Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment
23-25 Jan 2007 Melbourne, Vic 15th Annual Australian Research in Early Childhood Education Conference
February 2007
21-22 Feb 2007 Melbourne, Vic From Welfare to Social Investment: Reimagining Social Policy for the Life Course
21-23 Feb 2007 Perth, WA Kindling the Flame: Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing
March 2007
5-7 Mar 2007 Warsaw, Poland International Research Conference on Social Security - Social Security and the Labour Market: A Mismatch?
8-9 Mar 2007 Cockle Bay, Sydney, NSW Partnerships for Better Health Outcomes: Carers and Professionals Working Together
May 2007
1-2 May 2007 Melbourne, Vic National Youth Conference - Are We There Yet?
June 2007
20-22 Jun 2007 Kristiansand, Norway 8th International Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conference
26-28 Jun 2007 Chicago, USA ISCI Inaugural Conference - Child Indicators: Diverse Approaches to a Shared Goal
27-29 Jun 2007 Edinburgh, Scotland Centre for Research on Families and Relationships 2nd International Conference - Extended and Extending Families
July 2007
12-13 Jul 2007 Echuca, Vic Beyond The Great Divide, Bringing Communities Together
September 2007
10-12 Sep 2007 Prato, Italy What Works With Women Offenders: Challenging Stereotypes and Achieving Change
October 2007
8-12 Oct 2007 Melbourne, Vic 12th International Metropolis Conference - Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion new!

* Note: Information about these conferences has been obtained from a variety of sources. No liability for the accuracy of dates or other content is assumed. For further information, please refer to the respective contact organisations or persons.

If you would like your conference added to these pages, mail details to the Family Information Centre at the Institute, or send an email to

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