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Amphetamines - Whose problem is it?

Depending on who you talk to, amphetamines are a looming crisis, a non-issue or something in between. If it is a big problem (or is on its way to being one) then we are not going to know how to tackle it without a solid appreciation of its causes, its effects and of course, its possible future impacts.

Are we wasting our time arguing about a non-problem?
Are we losing our chance to prepare for what some are calling the Next Drug Epidemic?

For the first time ever, leading thinkers from around the world are gathering to build a complete and coherent picture of what we are (or are not) up against. They will examine the issue from virtually every angle; scientific, legal, social, political, commercial, and cultural -by drawing on the experience and insights of experts and authorities from every field.

If we are going to respond to this issue, then we need to know what it is. Now.

That?s why we are bringing together people with information, insight and ideas.

? No long talks ? No gap fillers ? Lots of networking opportunities ? A program that is fast paced and keeps to time.

That is why we think you should be there.

Isn?t it time you saw the whole picture?

Amphetamines - Are you up to Speed?

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Join international expert Professor Ernest Drucker at the first Australasian Amphetamine Summit at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour on 28-29 September 2006.



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