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ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

Patterns of risky drinking in North West teenagers
Findings from a survey of over 10,000 schoolchildren, identifying risk factors for dangerous drinking behaviours (binge drinking, frequent drinking, drinking in public places) in teenagers.

WHO Policy Briefing on Alcohol and Interpersonal Violence
World Health Organization Policy Briefing on alcohol and interpersonal violence and the public health approach to prevention (WHO/Bellis et al, 2006)

WHO Facts on Alcohol and Youth Violence
One of a series of fact sheets published by the World Health Organization on the links between alcohol and youth violence and the role of public health in its prevention (WHO/Bellis et al, 2006)

Democracy, Cities and Drugs: 2nd International conference on local and participative responses to the issue of drug use
2nd June 2006 - Gent, Belgium International conference addressing: the development of municipal drug strategies and action plans; creating and maintaining multi-agency partnerships; increasing community involvement in local drug policies; and changing conflicts into consensus.

Research into recreational GHB use
Researchers at Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool have just launched an exploratory study investigating recreational GHB use (also called G, Liquid X, Liquid Ecstasy, GBH, Gamma-oh, Blue Verve). There has been little relevant investigation of this drug and we are interested in finding out about how people are using GHB and the types of effects they report. If you have used GHB yourself, then please consider filling in the survey. However, you should only participate in this survey if you have used GHB at least once in the past. It should take, at most, 20 minutes to fill out the survey, which should be done in one sitting.