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Our journal, Youth Studies Australia, is issued quarterly in March, June, September and December.

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Welcome to the YRC

The Australian Youth Research Centre is located in the Department of Educational Policy and Management, Faculty of Education at The University Of Melbourne. It was established in 1988 in response to a recognised need by the youth affairs sector for relevant and up to date research on the issues facing young people today.

As part of a university, the Australian Youth Research Centre draws on the research skills, knowledge and experience of senior academic staff.

The Australian Youth Research Centre aims to:
  • identify local, national and international research issues relevant to young people
  • conduct appropriate, relevant and useful research that addresses these issues
  • promote research agendas and policies which contribute to an understanding of the full range of life patterns of young people, and which support young people's capacity to exercise increased control over their lives
  • promote and encourage awareness of youth issues amongst research students and within departments and research centres of the University
  • facilitate communication between educators, researchers, policy makers and people working in the youth sector
  • facilitate national links and collaborative research on youth issues across different sectors, including education, health, youth work and juvenile justice
  • strengthen international research links and scholarship in the area of youth policy

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