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Welcome to the Australian Directory of Youth Researchers.

This Directory is part of the Youth Affairs Research Network (YARN), and is maintained by the Australian Youth Research Centre (University of Melbourne) and the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies.

Browser requirements
For use of this website, you will need Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or Netscape Version 6.1
Setting Screen area to 1024 by 768 pixels is recommented for better viewing options.

How to search the Directory
Use the 'Search' link on this page; you can search the Directory by name, organisation or research area. (Note that you should try several possible search terms if your first one doesn't lead to useful results.)

How to be included in the Directory
To be included in this directory, use the 'Sign-Up' link on this page. Add the information required (note that completion of some fields is compulsory) and finally submit your entry.

How to change or update your entry in the Directory
Login through the link on this page, using the name and password you gave when you first signed up. Follow the prompts to change or update your information.

All researchers appearing in the Directory have been self-selected. Although care has been taken to ensure that information is accurate, neither the Australian Youth Research Centre (YRC) nor the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (ACYS) takes any responsibility for any errors. All Australian researchers in youth related fields are welcome to be included in the Directory, but the Directory and its maintainers do not endorse claims made by any individual. Further, the Directory administrators reserve the right to edit or remove any entries or information deemed inappropriate for the Directory. The Directory is not to be used for any purpose other than to seek information on researchers working in youth related fields.

Any further queries? Email Roger Holdsworth, Manager Youth Research Centre.
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