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Courses in youth studies

Youth work training is also offered by the following institutions:

Tabor Adelaide offers government-accredited courses at tertiary level that are very relevant to youth work training, and is a major provider of youth work training in South Australia.

SU Q  (Scripture Union Queensland) undertakes youth work training: "Through our commitment to providing quality training pathways, we have developed the YMIS Diploma of Youth Work.  Our qualified and experienced staff, alongside prominent industry professionals, deliver a qualification that has now also become highly sought-after by many other organisations and individuals outside SU Qld. We believe that this provision of real knowledge, skills and experience through quality, hands-on training is one of the best ways to equip current and future youth workers to effectively support our youth, their families and our communities." Francis Kneebone, Accredited Training Manager, SU Qld.   SU Q also operates a school chaplaincy service, camps, holiday programs and programs for youth at risk. It is the largest employer of school chaplains in Australia.

Search the NTIS database. The National Training Information Service (NTIS) is useful for finding details of non-tertiary youth work courses, certificates and diplomas, information about youth worker qualifications and a list of providers of the Diploma of Community Services (Youth Work). It was developed by federal and state governments to provide access to current and emerging training market information and products in vocational education and training.