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??Taxonomy of Youth Studies

ACYS wants to ensure that the thesaurus and resulting taxonomy that we are compiling will be useful.

Please tell us a little about what indexing/classification systems you use. ACYS does not wish to re-invent the wheel, and we'd value hearing from you. Different organisations may each be using a list of subject terms for indexing/storing information / categorising web pages on a portal / in other information harvesting work. We'd value comparing any such lists with our own.

Just fill out the form below (or fax this page to: fax: + 61 3 6226 2578 or, post to ACYS, Private Bag 64, Hobart, Tasmania 7001or phone us, call: (03) 6226 7181)
before Tuesday 12 October 2004.


(ACYS respects your privacy: your details will be used only for the purpose of contacting you for this work and will not be disclosed to third parties.)

Your/organisation's details:

Name of organisation:

Contact person:
Job title:
Email address::
Phone number::

The comments on this form are:
my own
a coordinated response from my/our organisation

Do you or your organisation use:
Tick those relevant:

a thesaurus
a controlled vocabulary
a subject list or topic list
a library classificaton system
No system has been decided upon as yet

Can you share your list(s) of subject terms, however short it may be, with ACYS?

Yes, we have a list we can share with ACYS
No, we can't help in this regard

Expertise in information retrieval or thesaurus development:
Do you/others at your organisation have any experience with developing a thesaurus of terms or a taxonomy?

No???????? Yes
???????? ???????? ???????? Details:

Do you know of any OTHER ORGANISATIONS who might be currently engaged in indexing/taxonomic work that is youth-specific?

If so, please enter details here:

ACYS working group:

What kind of help can you offer to a working group on the development of the thesaurus and taxonomy?

Only a small commitment of time will be involved.

Please tick all options that apply:
YES to being part of the working group to develop the ACYS taxonomy
YES to supplying subject terms, indexing terms
YES to testing
YES to evaluating

Which sector of the youth field are you in?

Youth research/academia
Youth affairs (federal/State/Territory/local government)
Youth work
Not for profit/Voluntary sector
I am a young person/student
Professional association
Special interest group / network

Do you wish to be notified about progress on the ACYS taxonomy?


? Thanks very much for your help.



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