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Some recommended sources of information:

Australian Government information resources

Which Course? Which University? is a guide, provided by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training, listing the courses offered by Australian universities within each broad field of study. The site also gives information about the employment and study outcomes for past graduates and how they felt about their courses.

Higher Education Institutions in Australia is a web page listing all the web sites of Australia's universities (provided by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training).

Open Learning Australia (OLA) allows you to study in "distance education" mode. All OLA students receive a package of specially developed study materials for each unit or module, sent directly to their chosen place of study. Some OLA courses also have television, radio and online resources to support study materials.

Other training information is available through these resources:

University handbooks are published each year. Ask to consult them in the reference section of your local academic or State libraries. (See the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee web site's page of links to all Australian universities.)

OZJAC is a computer program to help young people and adults find the answers to their job, course and career questions.

It brings together information on all accredited courses in Australia, links courses to jobs, and jobs to industry. It explains new concepts used in education, training and the labour market, and gives key information on:

  • official Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, offered by universities, institutes of TAFE and increasingly, registered private providers course providers
  • course links to different jobs and industries
  • career planning
  • a broad base of industry and education information.

Directories of tertiary level courses give a comprehensive overview of all formal courses of study in Australia.They include information on:

  • entry requirements;
  • course information;
  • full contact details for all educational institutions, faculties, departments;
  • comparisons between similar courses offered at different institutions.

    They should be available to be consulted at your local academic or State library, or for purchase from your nearest academic bookshop.

The Directory of Higher and Further Education Courses (New Hobsons Press) lists courses offered by every higher education institution in Australia.

It lists university, TAFE and private college courses (full-time, part-time and external) using 300 subject headings, separated into undergraduate and postgraduate study. The directory also includes articles on admission procedures, finances and the Australian Qualifications Framework. It help readers follow up detailed information about each course, the addresses and contact details of Australian higher and further education institutions are also included.

Other useful directories (ask at your library)

  • The Good Universities Guide to Australian Universities
  • The Good Universities Guide to Australian Universities: Postgraduate and career upgrade courses and services
  • The Distance Education Directory
  • Career Resource Book Catalogue.

Other resources

'Youth Studies: An Australian Perspective',by Judith Bessant, Howard Sercombe and Rob Watts, is a text for youth studies students at university and TAFE level and brings together some of the traditional areas of inquiries about young people such as subcultures and unemployment and addresses current issues such as health, suicide, policy, media, identity, and young people as survivors or victims of violence. It examines the major perspectives in understanding young people and their position in society and the practices of human service professionals who work with them.

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Information here has been obtained from sources deemed to be reliable. However, before acting on this information, check with the relevant course provider(s) for the current details about their courses. This list may not be exhaustive nd despite our best efforts, may not be current. ACYS is not the provider of any of these courses; in all instances, please contact the relevant course providers for more details.

Course providers: please contribute your course news to this page via an email message. (Note: ACYS reserves the right not to include a course in this section.)

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