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June 2006 edition

Events calendar

About the calendar

The calendar lists events (symposia, conferences, seminars, workshops), both Australian and overseas, that are

  • of more than local interest
  • relevant to youth research or youth work, or practitioners working with young people
Events are listed (free of charge) in brief format only. For all details about abstract submissions, deadlines and current details, contact the event organiser(s) as cited.

Event flyers can be distributed for a fee via our print journal (more details).

  1. ACYS is not the organiser of any of the events listed on the calendar, and is not responsible for the maintenance of weblinks cited by the calendar.
  2. The events listed on our online calendar are sourced from information deemed to be reliable. However:
    Before acting on the calendar information, check the latest details about an event with its organiser(s) in all instances.
  3. ACYS reserves the right not to list an event on its calendar.
  4. While ACYS endeavours to include all major events relevant to youth studies and youth research, this list may not be exhaustive. The inclusion or omission of an event on the calendar is not an endorsement or recommendation by ACYS.
Submit an event
We welcome suggestions for events to be listed on this calendar:

(Brief details only; we will contact you for more details later.)



Our service to conference organisers

Besides listing an event on the calendar (free of charge), we can help conference organisers to distribute flyers about youth-related events for a fee:

Flyers can be posted (for a fee) along with mailouts of the hard copy edition of our journal, Youth Studies Australia. Because bookings for mailout space are in high demand, you need to contact us well in advance of your event if you wish to take advantage of this service. More details 

Other calendars

As a clearinghouse, we maintain a list of all organisations that have events or conference calendars that are relevant to youth studies:

General: Calendar of events and observances: The Parliamentary Library in Canberra has a useful page of calendars including links to international years proclaimed by the United Nations

Youth research and youth work-related events calendars:

ACYS Events calendar
The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies maintains a comprehensive ACYS Events calendar that includes conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and other events relevant to youth research and to those who work with youth.

ARACY - Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth calendar

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Crime and justice:

Drug and alcohol issues:


Families, parents:

Health and mental health

Housing calendars:


Mental health


Rural issues:

  • ABC Rural Online a public posting of events and happenings for regional and rural Australia.





View the ACYS events calendar