Face the facts

ACYS announces its latest information package called Face the facts, developed in response to the need for policy- and decision-makers to have information on emerging trends in the youth sector.

Each package includes the Snapshot – a short, sharp overview of the issues and the facts that you need to have at hand, and the Briefing – an in-depth analysis of the factors involved, policy implications, and a breakdown of what lies ahead for that issue.

The first edition is Youth disability, highlighting key statistics, policy problems and development opportunities relevant to youth and disability today. This is a particularly topical issue given current efforts to establish a national organisation to represent young people with disability, and the Australian Government’s recent decision to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Youth disability - Snapshot

Youth disability - Briefing

Further information 

Upcoming topics to be covered will include Youth and obesity, Youth and income support and Youth and homelessness

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If you have suggestions about future topics or comments on any of the information presented in Face the facts, please contact us:

Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies
Email:  [email protected]

Or phone Ann Davie, Information Manager
Ph: 03 6226 7181

Texting in class affects learning

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Change, work and learning: aligning continuing education and training

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