Childhood obesity: Are parents really to blame?

Joining in on the debate in Victoria of whether childhood obesity should be considered a child protection issue, this article asks whether body shape and size should be an indicator of moral worth.  Original article

Teen binge drinking influenced by adults

While recent reports show that young people aren't drinking as often as they used to, binge drinking is still an issue. A new report investigated the triggers and influences that affect young people's decisions to binge drink. Original article

11 Apr 2014

Aussie homeless touch Pink’s heart: she has filmed a commercial for Youth Off The Streets

The acclaimed performer recently shot a commercial for Father Chris Riley’s organisation and has lent her song, The Great Escape, to a new campaign after being meeting with troubled youths during successive tours. Original article

11 Apr 2014

Indigenous students skipping school to avoid bullying and racism

Recent survey results show that a significant number of young Indigenous students are bullied at school, causing many to skip school.  Original article

11 Apr 2014

Including the voices of children in research

Research that includes the voices of children has the potential to help us understand their perspectives and inform social policy and practices that are in the best interests of children. Original article

11 Apr 2014

Smoking linked to higher risk of heart disease in teen girls

Teenage girls who smoke or take the oral contraceptive pill are at greater risk of heart disease than boys who smoke, according to researchers at The University of Western Australia. Original article

10 Apr 2014

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