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International organisations

International organisations:
  • International Sociological Association:
    Research Committee on Sociology of Youth
    RC34 was founded 1948 in close cooperation with UNESCO's Research Department. Its focus is not only on purely academic youth research, but also on social and political responsibility. 'This implies standing partnership with multilateral organisations aiming at conflict resolution, peace and the development of civic society.'? RC34's policy is to invite colleagues from other disciplines as well as practitioners in the youth field to become members and participate, and thus to serve as a global, interdisciplinary network and meeting place about youth issues in general.
  • Society for Research on Adolescence:
    The SRA is an international, multi-disciplinary, non-profit professional association based in the USA. Its goal is to promote the understanding of adolescence through research and dissemination. Members conduct theoretical studies, basic and applied research and policy analyses to understand and enhance adolescent development.
  • United Nations:
    UNICEF is the only UN organisation dedicated exclusively to children.
    Youth at the United Nations
    (formerly, UN Youth Unit) is the focal point within the United Nations system on matters relating to youth.
  • International Youth Foundation (IYF)
  • International Youth Parliament (IYP)
  • Childwatch International Research Network
  • Also see the SOSIG database, section on the sociology of adolescence for more organisations.
  • Young Commonwealth




The Americas

Last modified: May 4, 2006