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Cover (small) September 2008 Youth Studies Australia

Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies

History of this clearinghouse

ACYS had its origins in 1981 at the Australian National University in Canberra, where it was first called the National Clearinghouse on Transition from School. A newsletter and, later, a bulletin and abstracts were published and distributed free of charge by the clearinghouse.

In 1984, the organisation's name was changed to the National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies.

In 1985, after a national bidding process, the clearinghouse moved from the ANU to the School of Education at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, where it is currently located.

Following this move, the project's quarterly publication (The National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies Bulletin and Abstracts) began to be distributed on a subscription basis.

In 1989 there was a change of staff, a re-design and re-launch of the journal as Youth Studies. A year later the title was amended to it current title, Youth Studies Australia, and in 1998 the project's name was changed to the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies.

Youth Studies Australia is complemented by a range of other hard-copy publications, and the ACYS web site.

ACYS began its online services in the mid-1990s. These include the monthly electronic newsletter, Youth Field Xpress, and extensive resources and information on youth. A Youth Facts and Stats resource was introduced in 2002.

Another activity of ACYS in the '90s was the organisation of symposia. These were held in Hobart (1993, 1995) and in Melbourne (1998).