A new era and new look

ACYS identity redevelopment

By Alecia Groom

The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies has recently experienced many exciting changes. Following the launch of the new website and expansion of the ACYS team, a refreshed logo is currently being applied across all aspects of ACYS.

The new ACYS logo has been designed as a redevelopment or ‘refresh’ of the previous ACYS logo. Following the launch of the new website and expansion of the ACYS team, the new, refreshed logo is symbolic of a new era of communication and growth for the organisation. In addition to symbolising this new era for ACYS, the new identity also retains and builds upon the established recognition of the previous identity. Although the differences are distinct, there is a familiarity that exists from the referencing or ‘borrowing’ of visual elements such as iconography, typography, colour and logo configuration.

The orange circular symbol in the new ACYS logo is based on the segmented orange rings of the previous logo design. It has been developed further to represent the interconnectivity of the sector’s broad resources, positioning the Clearinghouse as a centralised point or hub for youth-related research and information. The new logo symbol also makes subtle reference to graphing, data and statistics – representing both the qualitative and quantitative nature of the resources compiled and published by ACYS.

Old and new ACYS logos 

The typeface/font selected is ‘Avenir’. French for ‘Future’. It is intended to strike the right balance in appearance and tone between the many facets of ACYS – ACYS as an organisation itself, a prominent sector resource and information hub, a publishing house, a federal government subsidiary and as a part of the University of Tasmania. It has also been carefully selected for its legibility and clarity and for its visual ‘tone’ or ‘personality’. These characteristics of Avenir, lends itself to use within a varied audience of academics, students, community and government organisations to perform on local, national and international levels.  


ACYS business cards

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