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Each quarter, our peer reviewed journal publishes up to six research- and practice-based articles on Australian youth. Find out more about Youth Studies Australia.

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Print and online editions of Youth Studies Australia

ACYS, as publisher of Youth Studies Australia, provides subscriptions to
  • the print edition, and
  • the online edition (for up to 5 computers, via IP authentication (IP address).
Find out about YSA subscriptions: Note: ACYS is phasing out username and password access to the online edition. Existing online subscribers with access questions should send an email to the ACYS Website Manager.

The online edition is also available via RMIT / Informit Online. RMIT / Informit Online's subscription services are:
  • based on a sliding scale of charges depending on your sector and numbers of intending users;
  • recommended for academic libraries and for large organisations or any service requiring large-scale access to the journal;

  • recommended if you are unable to provide ACYS with an IP address and require access via IP range.
Send an email to RMIT / Informit Online Services

Send ACYS an inquiry about subscriptions:

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