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Easthope , G.
Health and wellbeing: How do young people see these concepts?
Gary Easthope and Rob White
v.25, n.1, 2006, pp.42-49.

? Religion among university students
Charles Waddell and Gary Easthope
v.6, n.2, 1987, p.31.

? Sick of being unemployed
Gary Easthope and Charles Waddell
v.5, n.1, 1986, p.18.

Eckersley, R.
Success and wellbeing: A preview of the Australia 21 report on young people's wellbeing, by Richard Eckersley, Ani Wierenga and Johanna Wyn
v.25, n.1, 2006, pp.10-18.

? Points of view: Responses to `Values and Visions
Richard Eckersley
v.14, n.2, 1995, p.46.

? Values and visions': Youth and the failure of modern Western culture
Richard Eckersley
v.14, n.1, 1995, p.13.

? Dreams and Expectations: Young Australians' views of the future
Richard Eckersley
v.15, n.3, 1996, p.11.

? Casualties of change: Social and economic issues affecting youth
Richard Eckersley
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p.3.

Edwards, K.
Social inclusion and youth participation: A New Deal for Australia's young people?

Kathy Edwards
v.27, n.2, pp.11-17. Summary

Edwards, S.
The dinkum oil: Information needs and life concerns of Australian adolescent girls
S Edwards and B Poston-Anderson
v.12, n.2, 1993, p.34.

Ehrich, L C.
Youth subculture: Does it exist in the real world?
Lisa Catherine Ehrich
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.31.

Elkins, J.
Friendships and feelings: Young women with disabilities talk about their personal lives
Jenny Bramley, Christa van Kraayenoord and John Elkins
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.28.

Elkington, J.
RRISK: A sustainable intersectoral partnership
Jane Elkington, Eric van Beurden, Avigdor Zask, Reyna Dight & Wendy Johnson
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.17-24.

Ellerman, K.
Communication needs of adolescent offenders
Jeff Bailey and Kath Ellerman
v.13, n.4, 1994, p.40.

Elliott, A.
Primary health care for young people: Are there models of service delivery that improve access and quality?
Melissa Kang, Diana Bernard, Tim Usherwood, Susan Quine,
Garth Alperstein, Helen Kerr-Roubicek, Abigail Elliott & David Bennett
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.49-59.

Ellis, J.
Youth participation in youth-focused research
V Wilkins, K Bryans and S Hetzel with A Cutler and J Ellis
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.49.

Ellis, R.
Connexions: A program of Jesuit Social Services, an integrated service for marginalised young people
David Murray, Rob Ellis, Jane Enter and Clare Richards
v.18, n.1, 1999, pp.16-22.

? Inquiring into youth homelessness
Bob Ellis and Rodney Fopp
v.14, n.1, 1995, p.36.

? Leaving the nest, NOT! How young people, with parental support, are living at home longer
Bob Ellis
v.15, n.1, 1996, p.34.

Elton, J.
Young women workers
Judith Elton
v.10, n.3, 1991, p.25. (See also Melanie Raymond, v.10, n.3, 1991, p.24.)

Emler, N.
The costs and causes of low self-esteem
Nicholas Emler
v.21, n.3, 2002, pp.45-48.

Emslie, M.
Structural reforms and social implications: The impact of local government amalgamations on youth work
Judith Bessant and Michael Emslie
v.15, n.1, 1996, p.39.

? Ignored to death: Representations of young gay men, lesbians and bisexuals in Australian youth suicide policy and programs
Mic Emslie
v.15, n.4, 1996, pp.38-42.

Endicott, R.
Australian adolescents' perceptions of their parents: An analysis of parenting styles, communication and feelings towards parents
Renae Endicott and Poppy Liossis
v.24, n.2, 2005, pp.24-31.

Enter, J.
Connexions: A program of Jesuit Social Services, an integrated service for marginalised young people
David Murray, Rob Ellis, Jane Enter and Clare Richards
v.18, n.1, 1999, pp.16-22.

Evans, A.
If everybody looked the same: Post-youth culture
Amanda Evans
v.20, n.2, 2001, pp.11-16.

Evans, P.
Youth workers in Sydney: Doing a lot with a little
Lisa Bourke and Pam Evans
v.19, n.1, 2000, pp.38-43.

Eversole, R.
Rural youth and multimedia: An interagency approach, by Susan Brumby, Robyn Eversole, Kaye Scholfield & Leanne Watt
v.26, n.4, pp.29-36. Summary | Full text | PDF

Ewen, J.
Co-ordination in youth affairs: Why is it less successful than multicultural and women's affairs
John Ewen
v.14, n.3, 1995, p.28.

? Youth participation: Concepts and structures
John Ewen
v.13, n.3, 1994, p.13.

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