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Duty of care, harm reduction and young people in care: An effective approach to working with volatile substance users
Rowan Fairbairn and David Murray
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Intox Out of Tune: An innovative school-based drug intervention
Jillian Ryan, Rae Conway and Greg Fairbrother
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Jane Farrin, Maureen Dollard and Brian Cheers
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The fine line: Students' perceptions of drinking, having fun and losing control
Fiona Farringdon, Nyanda McBride and Richard Midford
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Dance classes, youth cultures and public health
Rachel Fensham and Sally Gardner
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Friends, authority and health: An insight into young people's smoking habits and efforts to quit
Debbie Fergus
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Report: Are we there yet? (Conference)
Georgie Ferrari.
v.26, n.2, 2007, p.10.

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'beyondblue: the national depression initiative': Targeting depression in young people
Karen Field
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Restitution and restorative justice in juvenile justice and school discipline
Barry A. Fields
v.22, n.4, 2003, pp.44-51.

Family mobility: Social and academic effects on young adolescents'
Barry A Fields
v.14, n.2, 1995, p27.

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The BEST Plus approach to assisting families recover from youth substance problems
John Bamberg, Steven Findley & John Toumbourou
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'Reforming secondary education in the United States'
Chester Finn
1989 v.8 n.4 p36.

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Vocational school success
Meril Fisher
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Teens in cyberspace: Do they encounter friend or foe?
Michele Fleming and Debra Rickwood
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'Like, I'll tell you what happened from experience': Perspectives on Italo-Australian youth gangs in Adelaide
Paula M Foote
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Christobel Young (reviewed by Rodney Fopp)
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The Young Homeless Allowance: A review
Rodney Fopp
v.5, n.3, 1986, p2.

Youth housing: Prerequisites for planning
Rodney Fopp
v.6, n.1, 1987, p12.

Press coverage of the Burdekin Report
Rodney Fopp
v.8, n.4, 1989, p10.

More heat than houses! Housing and young people - the debate to date
Rodney Fopp
v.12, n.2, 1993, p45.

Inquiring into youth homelessness
Bob Ellis and Rodney Fopp
v.14, n.1, 1995, p36.

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'Underage drink driving: Psycho-social correlates of a risk-taking behaviour'
J Nucifora, S Forbes and M Sheehan
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'STD education for female TAFE students: Needs and future directions'
Carole Forrester
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Steve Francis
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Barry Fraser
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Frequently asked questions about Rave
Online: Alt.Rave.FAQ
v.15, n.2, 1996, p20.

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Homelessness Agencies Resource Project
Ric Pawsey and Andrew Fuller
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Furze, B
Rural youth work - some considerations
Brian Furze
v.5, n.3, 1986, p25.

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