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Gardner, S
Dance classes, youth cultures and public health
Rachel Fensham and Sally Gardner
v.24, n.4, 2005, pp.14-20.

Garton, A
Mental health indicators in young people: Pilot results from the Western Australian Child Health Survey
A Garton, S Zubrick and S Silburn
v.13, n.2, 1994, p36.

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Children of Parents with a Mental Illness -- a national initiative
Sue Garvin
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.17-22.

Gascoigne, M
Young people's drug use when heroin is less available
Michael Gascoigne
v.21, n.3, 2002, pp.11-16.

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The perspectives of youth workers in rural Victoria
Paula Geldens & Lisa Bourke
v.25, n.4, 2006, pp.33-41.

Geldens. P.
What does wellbeing mean? Perspectives of wellbeing among young people and youth workers in rural Victoria
Lisa Bourke and Paula Geldens.
v.26, n.1, 2007, pp.41-49.

Gillon, A
A survey of 23 Aboriginal early school leavers currently unemployed
Athol Gillon, Eric Knight and Dr Mark Harris
v.6, n.1, 1987, p37.

Glasgow, A
Shaftesbury Youth Program: A model for early intervention
Monica Novick and Annette Glasgow
v.12, n.3, 1993, p29.

Gleeson, S
The Marrickville Mural: Raising awareness of Hepatitis C prevention
Suzanne Gleeson, Leigh Cantero, Tanya Jochelson and Chris Rissel
v.23, n.4, 2004, pp.54-58.

Goble, D
Small group process awareness: A field experience
David Goble
v.10, n.1, 1991, p56.

Gokhale, S
Homeless youth and street kids: Problems and programs
Sharad Gokhale
v.6, n.4, 1987, p15.

Goldman, J
Disadvantaged and homeless youth on the Gold Coast: A case study of a human services organisation
Merv Hyde, Juliette Goldman & Mark Sinclair
v.20, n.2, 2001, pp.40-45.

The education of homeless youth in Australia
Juliette D.G. Goldman and Lindsey D. La Castra
v.19, n.2, 2000, pp.43-50.

Goodnow, J
The changing world of children and youth in Australia
Millicent Poole and Jacqueline Goodnow
v.9, n.2, 1990, p12.

Gould, D
Fun and games? Myths surrounding the role of youth sports in developing Olympic champions
Daniel Gould and Sarah Carson
v.23, n.1, 2004, pp.27-34. (Peer reviewed).

Gourlay, P
Sexuality education vs sex education
Peter Gourlay
v.14, n.2, 1995, p43.

Points of view: Adolescent sexuality - a fact of life
Peter Gourlay
v.13, n.2, 1994, p56.

Gow, G
Making up for lost time: Southern Sudanese young refugees in high schools
Elizabeth Cassity and Greg Gow
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.51-55.

Grafton, J
Political correctness, surface tension and passive racism: A preliminary analysis of students' lived experiences of cultural diversity at the University of Melbourne
Jennifer Grafton and Joanne M Lye
v.19, n.3, 2000, pp.44-51.

Gravestock, F
Attention deficit disorder - it exists
Fred Gravestock
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p60.

Gray, I
Civil liberties and young people
Ian Gray
v.6, n.3, 1987, p30.

Green, R
13 days and counting: A mutual support model for young, homeless women in crisis
Rosemary Green, Robyn Mason and Alison Ollerenshaw
v.23, n.2, 2004, pp.46-50.

Transport for young people in a rural area: Patterns, problems and prospects
Rosemary Green and John McDonald
v.15, n.3, 1996, p38.

Greig, R
AIDS and adolescent education - what are we waiting for?
Russell Greig and Felicity Young
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p42.

Grierson, M
The Youth Services study
Mark Grierson
v.11, n.4, 1992, p35.

Griffin, M
Young people and the nuclear threat
Michael Griffin and Margot Prior
v.7, n.2, 1988, p40.

Griffith, J
Long-term unemployed youth
Julia Griffith
v.6, n.2, 1987, p16.

Youth Studies student paper Young offenders and employment: A policy analysis
Julia Griffith
v.10, n.4, 1991, p47.

Griffiths, D
Employment access for whom?
David Griffiths
v.7, n.1, 1988, p7.

Griffin, M
Developing a course for young offenders
Mark Collis and Michael Griffin
v.12, n.3, 1993, p25.

Groom, H
Towards improved understandings of Aboriginal young people
Howard Groom
v.14, n.4, 1995, p27.

Gucciardo, T
The best of both worlds: A study of second generation Italo-Australians
Tonina Gucciardo
v.7, n.1, 1988, p21.

Guerra, C
Ethnic Minority Youth in Australia: Challenges and Myths
Carmel Guerra and Rob White (eds), ACYS 1995, 255pp.
ISBN 1 875236 32 5

Guglielmo, V
Y-GLAM: Theatre and video project
Jemma Mead, Vicky Guglielmo, Diane Bradford and Y-GLAM participants
v.19, n.4, 2000, pp.41-44.

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