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Cain, M.
Diversion from custody and rehabilitation of juvenile detainees: Management philosophies of the New South Wales Department of Juvenile Justice
Michael Cain
v.13, n.1, 1994, p.29.

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Parent and adolescent beliefs about drugs
Jeffrey Wilks & Victor J Callan
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p.65.

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Leave no child behind: Recreation and sports: Instruments for world peace
Jimmy Calloway
v.23, n.1, 2004, pp.19-26.

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Youth work that is of value: Towards a model of best practice
Judy Bruce, Kim Boyce, Jono Campbell, John Harrington, Duane Major & Ange Williams
v.28, n.2, 2009, pp.23-31.

Cannard, L.
Cyberbullying: A TAFE perspective
Barbara Reeckman & Laine Cannard
v.28, n.2, 2009, pp.41-49.

Cantero, L.
The Marrickville Mural: Raising awareness of Hepatitis C prevention
Suzanne Gleeson, Leigh Cantero, Tanya Jochelson and Chris Rissel
v.23, n.4, 2004, pp.54-58.

Carey, P.
Wired for learning: integrating computers and communications in education
Peter Carey
v.16, n.2, 1997, p.26-33.

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Youth, government and violence in the media
Gordon Tait, Gavin Kendall & Belinda Carpenter
v.14, n.3, 1995, p.19.

Carr-Gregg, M.
Suicide, schools and young people: Tackling the youth suicide industry
Michael Carr-Gregg
v.22, n.3, 2003, pp.32-35.

— Development of the Teenage Cancer Peer Support Program, Canteen
M. Carr-Gregg, C. Olsson, J. Toumbourou & G. Bowes
v.16, n.3, 1997, pp.22-26.

Carson, E.
Work for the Dole: A pathway to self-esteem and employment commitment, or the road to frustration?
Ed Carson, Anthony H. Winefield, Lea Waters & Lorraine Kerr
v.22, n.4, 2003, pp.19-26.

Carson, S.
Fun and games? Myths surrounding the role of youth sports in developing Olympic champions
Daniel Gould & Sarah Carson
v.23, n.1, 2004, pp.27-34.

Cartmill, T.
Gatekeeper training for youth workers: Impact on their help-seeking and referral skills
Tania Cartmill, Frank Deane & Coralie Wilson
v.28, n.1, 2009, pp.5-12.

Cass, B.
Using the social care framework to analyse research on young carers
Bettina Cass
v.26, n.2, 2007, pp.44-49.

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Young people, culture and popular music
Francis Cassidy
v.10, n.2, 1991, p.34.

Cassity, E.
Making up for lost time: Southern Sudanese young refugees in high schools
Elizabeth Cassity & Greg Gow
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.51-55.

Chamberlain, C.
Moving on: Young people and substance abuse
Kathryn Daley & Chris Chamberlain
v.28, n.3, 2009, pp.35-43. Summary | Full text | PDF

— Youth homelessness 2006
David MacKenzie & Chris Chamberlain
v.27, n.1, 2008, pp.17-25.

— Youth homelessness: Four policy proposals
Chris Chamberlain & David McKenzie
v.24, n.2, 2005, pp.32-38.

— How many homeless youth in 2001?
Chris Chamberlain & David MacKenzie
v.22, n.1, 2003, pp.18-24.
(A follow-up to previous article in v.21, n.4, 2002, pp.24-31.)

— The Second National Census of Homeless School Students
Chris Chamberlain
v.21, n.4, 2002, pp.24-31
(Also see follow-up article in v.22, n.1, 2003, pp.18-24.)

— School students at risk
Chris Chamberlain and David MacKenzie
v.15, n.4, 1996, pp.11-18. 

— The National Census of Homeless School Students
David MacKenzie & Chris Chamberlain
v.14, n.1, 1995, p.22.

— How many homeless youth?
David Mackenzie & Chris Chamberlain
v.11, n.4, 1992, p.14.

Chapman, R.
The Resilient Families program: Promoting health and wellbeing in adolescents and their parents during the transition to secondary school
Alison Shortt, John Toumbourou, Rianna Chapman & Elke Power
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.33-40.

Chan, S.
Music of the future
Sebastian Chan
v.19, n.1, 2000, p.19.

Chant, D.
How adolescents use the media
Judyth Sachs, Richard Smith & David Chant
v.10, n.2, 1991, pp16.

Charles, G.
Queensland child care systems: Reflections by Canadian work experience students
Grant Charles & Ian Thumlert
v.9, n.2, 1990, p.28.

Cheers, B.
Homeless youth in the country: Exploring options for change
Jane Farrin, Maureen Dollard & Brian Cheers
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.31-36.

Cheong-Clinch, C.
Music for engaging young people in education
Carmen Cheong-Clinch
v.28, n.2, 2009, pp.50-57.

Clark, D.
Financial management and young Australian workers
Nicki Dowling, Lauren Hoiles, Tim Corney & David Clark
v.27, n.1, 2008, pp.26-35.

— Australian apprentices and gambling
Nicki Dowling, David Clarke, Lynda Memery & Tim Corney
v.24, n.3, 2005, pp.17-23.

Clark, E.
Mentoring: A case example and guidelines for its effective use
Eugene Clark
v.14, n.2, 1995, p.37.

— Disabilities legislation in the US
Eugene Clark
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.2.

— Students', teachers' and parents' perceptions of school life
William Ramsay & Eugene Clark
v.9, n.4, 1990, p.43.— Government policy and higher education: Seeing more colours in the educational rainbow than green and white
Eugene Clark & William Ramsay
v.8, n.2, 1989, p.31. 

— The role of schools and society in preserving and nurturing social capital
Eugene Clark & William Ramsay
v.7, n.3, 1988, p11.

Clark, J.
Come to the cabaret and get legless: Tertiary student 'event' drinking
Jeremy Davey & Jef Clark
v.10, n.4, 1991, p.30.

Clarke, J A.
The characteristics of adolescents with unwanted pregnancies: implications for counselling and education
Mary N Mannison & John A Clarke
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p.76.

Codling, J.
The Questacon-Myer Project: Science for street kids
Joanne Codling
v.16, n.3, 1997, p.31-35.

Cohen, A.
Young people's experiences of mental health care: Implications for the headspace: National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Anjalee Cohen, Sharon Medlow, Norm Kelk, Ian Hickie & Bradley Whitwell
v.28, n.1, 2009, pp.13-20.

Cole, P.
Developing socially responsible youth
Peter Cole
v.7, n.1, 1988, p.16.

— Alternative models of work experience
Peter Cole
v.6, n.3, 1987, p.17.

— Work shadowing
Peter Cole
v.6, n.4, 1987, p.2.

Collier, G.
So you're worried that teaching about sexuality might be dangerous?
Grahame Collier
v.6, n.4, 1987, p.27.

Collis, M.
Developing a course for young offenders
Mark Collis & Michael Griffin
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.25.

Colthart, A.
At risk youth participation in sport and recreation
Allan Colthart
v.15, n.4, 1996, pp.31-37.

Connor, B.
Good Buddha & tzu: 'Middle-class wiggers from the underside
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.48-54.

— Convention on the Rights of the Child
Convention Report
v.8, n.4, 1989, p.48.

Conway, R.
ntox Out of Tune: An innovative school-based drug intervention
Jillian Ryan, Rae Conway & Greg Fairbrother
v.18, n.1, 1999, pp.23-28.

Cook, H.
Disturbed children and adolescents: Whose responsibility?
Hugh Cook
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p.24.

Cook, S.
Disabling or enabling: The rhetoric and practice of integration
Roger Slee & Sandy Cook
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.35.

Cooper, T.
Models of youth work intervention
T. Cooper & Rob White
v.13, n.4, 1994, p.30-35.

Copeland, A.
Public space: A rights-based approach
Anna Copeland
v.23, n.3, 2004, pp.40-45.

Corbitt, B.
Streetkids to schoolkids: Education as a solution to homelessness
Brian Corbitt
v.12, n.2, 1993, p.38.

Corney, T.
Why youth workers need to collectively organise
Tim Corney, Robyn Broadbent & Lisa Darmanin
v.28, n.3, 2009, pp.41-46. Summary | Full text | PDF

— Financial management and young Australian workers
Nicki Dowling, Lauren Hoiles, Tim Corney & David Clark
v.27, n.1, 2008, pp.26-35.

— Youth work training package review: More of the same or radical rationalisation?
Tim Corney and Robyn Broadbent
v.26, n3, 2007, pp.36-43.

— Australian apprentices and gambling
Nicki Dowling, David Clarke, Lynda Memery and Tim Corney
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.17-23.

— Youth work: The problem of values
Tim Corney
v.23, n.4, 2004, pp.11-19.

Cornwell, E.
The Rosemount Day Program
Erika Cornwell
v.8, n.3, 1989, p.44-48.

Cotter, M.
An evaluation of psychology reports in the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice Program: An analysis of their effectiveness
Christopher Lennings, John Stephenson, Michael Cotter, Ingrid Johnston & Tony Jenkins
v.20, n.2, 2001, pp.35-39.

Cotterell, J J.
Youth leisure patterns and World Expo
John J Cotterell
v.9, n.1, 1990, p.10.

— Tracking teenagers in time and space
John J Cotterell
v.9, n.4, 1990, p.32.

Couch, J.
Mind the gap: Considering the participation of refugee young people
Jen Couch
v.26, n.4, 2007, pp.37-44.

— An agenda for change: Developing good practice principles in working with young refugees
Jen Couch
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.47-50.

— Pathways and pitfalls: Refugee young people in and around the education system
Louise Olliff & Jen Couch.
v.24, n.3, 2005, pp.42-46.

Crago, A.
First you have to 'see' them: Youth-friendly practice in mental health work
Ann Crago, Chris Wigg & Kathleen Stacey
v.23, n.2, 2004, pp.38-45.

Crago, M.
Homeless young people in Australian children's fiction: 1991-1995
Maureen Crago
v.16, n.3, 1997, pp. 36-46.

Crane, P.
Young people, public space and New Urbanism
Phil Crane & Mike Dee
v.20, n.1, 2001, pp.11-18.

— Hepatitis C and initiates into injecting drug use among young people: Part 2 - Education young initiates about hepatitis C prevention
Phil Crane & Megan Williams
v.19, n.3, 2000, pp.18-24.

— Hepatitis C and initiates into injecting drug use among young people: Part 1: The first shot
Megan Williams & Phil Crane
v.19, n.3, 2000, pp.11-17.

Crawford, L.
Change the school environment: Issues in the provision of post compulsory education
Lachlan Crawford & John Williamson
v.11, n.2, 1992, p.43.

— Progress or promise: Transition from school to work: Initiatives adopted by the Government of Western Australia
Lachlan Crawford & John Williamson
v.12, n.2, 1993, p.51.

Crinall, K.
The search for a feminism that could accommodate homeless young women
Karen Crinall
v.14, n.3, 1995, p.42.

Crofts, N
Hepatitis infection among adolescents in the Melbourne Juvenile Justice centre: Risk factors and challenges
Elaine L. Ogilvie, Friederike Veit, Nick Crofts & Sandra C. Thompson
v.19, n.3, 2000, pp.25-30.

Crooks, M L.
Health for youth
Mary L Crooks & Marcia Webb
v.7, n.3, 1988, p20.

Croteau, K.
Sloth or gluttony: Understanding obesity in New Zealand youth
Grant Schofield, Louise Schofield, Geoff Dickson & Karen Croteau
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.28-30.

Cumming, J.
Beyond the two cultures: Creating a new paradigm for school-industry links
James Cumming
v.11, n.3, 1992, pp.46-50.

— Developing effective co-operation between education and industry
James Cumming
v.6, n.2, 1987, p7.

Cunneen, C.
Discretionary decisions in juvenile justice and the criminalisation of indigenous young people
Chris Cunneen & Garth Luke
v.14, n.4, 1995, p.38.

Cunningham, M.
The Cool Teens CD-ROM: A multimedia self-help program for adolescents with anxiety
Mike Cunningham, Ronald Rapee & Heidi Lyneham
v.25, n.1, 2006, pp.50-56.

Cusack, M.
Australian youth affairs
Michael Cusack
v.9, n.2, 1990, p.48.

Cutler, A.
Youth participation in youth-focused research
V Wilkins, K Bryans & S Hetze,l with A Cutler & J Ellis
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.49.

Cuthill, M.
Is it fun to be young on the Gold Coast? Perceptions of leisure opportunities and constraints among young people living on the Gold Coast
Kathy Lloyd, Maureen Harrington, Ray Hibbins, Alistair Boag & Michael Cuthill
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.22-27.

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