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Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia

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Sounds of then, sounds of now

Dance classes, youth cultures and public health, by Rachel Fensham and Sally Gardner
v.24, n.4, 2005, pp.14-20.

Youth and popular music: Special edition.
v.22, n.2, 2003.

Australian hip hop as a subculture, by Tony Mitchell
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.40-47.

Geographies of noise: Youth, live music and urban leisure, by Shane Homan
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.12-18.

Good Buddha & tzu: 'Middle-class wiggers from the underside', by Ben Connor
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.48-54.

Mining Tin Pan Alley, by Susan West
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.25-31.

Playing for life: New approaches to researching youth and their music practices, by Geraldine Bloustien and Margaret Peters
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.32-39.

Supporting music projects: MusicNSW
v.22, n.2, 2003, p.55.

Youth and popular music: an introduction, by Shane Homan (special issue of Youth Studies Australia with papers from the Sonics/Synergies: Creative Cultures conference, Adelaide on 17-20 July 2003).
v.22, n.2, 2003, p.11.

Dancing through the revolution: The political and social meaning of the rave, by Tara Brabazon
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.19-24.

Seeking the vibe: The Melbourne rave scene, by Christine Siokou
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.11-18.

Y-GLAM: Theatre and video project, by J. Mead, V. Guglielmo, D. Bradford and Y-GLAM participants
v.19, n.4, 2000, pp.41-44.

Theorising youth and difference: Australian circus people, by, p. Danaher, B. Moriarty and, p. Hallinan.
v.19, n.2, 2000, pp.17-21.

Music of the future, by S. Chan
v.19, n.1, 2000, p.19.

Diary of an adolescent: 1 January 2048, by F. Hugo
v.19, n.1, 2000, p.18.

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You just dance? Sky Theatre Rave: A creative enterprise by young people for young people, by S. Allison
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