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Ring, ring, why did I make that call? Mobile phone beliefs and behaviour among Australian university students, by Shari Walsh & Katherine White
v.25, n.3, 2006, pp.49-57.

Comfortably numb: Young people, drugs and the seductions of popular culture, by Karen Brooks.
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.9-16.

Dance classes, youth cultures and public health, by Rachel Fensham and Sally Gardner.
v.24, n.4, 2005, pp.14-20.

Photovoice: Promising practice in engaging young people who are homeless,
by Matt Dixon and Morgan Hadjialexiou.
v.24, n.2, 2005, pp.52-56.

Is it fun to be young on the Gold Coast? Perceptions of leisure opportunities and constraints among young people living on the Gold Coast, by Kathy Lloyd, Maureen Harrington, Ray Hibbins, Alistair Boag and Michael Cuthill
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.22-27.

Leave no child behind: Recreation and sports: Instruments for world peace, by Jimmy Calloway
v.23, n.1, 2004, pp.19-26.

Australian hip hop as a subculture, by Tony Mitchell.
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.40-47.

Good Buddha & tzu: 'Middle-class wiggers from the underside'
by Ben Connor.
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.48-54.

Youth and popular music.  Special edition.
v.22, n.2, 2003. Articles of particular interest concerning culture or subcultures in this issue are:

  • Australian hip hop as a subculture, by Tony Mitchell.
    v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.40-47.
  • Good Buddha & tzu: 'Middle-class wiggers from the underside', by Ben Connor.
    v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.48-54

Youth and popular music:  Special edition.
v.22, n.2, 2003.

Dancing through the revolution: The political and social meaning of the rave, by Tara Brabazon
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.19-24.

Seeking the vibe: The Melbourne rave scene, by Christine Siokou
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.11-18.

Nimbyism vs social inclusion: Local communities and illicit drugs, by P. Mendes
v.20, n.2, 2001, pp.17-22.

If everybody looked the same: Post-youth culture, by A. Evans
v.20, n.2, 2001, pp.11-16.

Y-GLAM: Theatre and video project, by J. Mead, V. Guglielmo, D. Bradford and Y-GLAM participants.
v.19, n.4, 2000, pp.41-44.

Theorising youth and difference: Australian circus people, by P. Danaher, B. Moriarty and, p. Hallinan.
v.19, n.2, 2000, pp.17-21.

Music of the future, by S. Chan.
v.19, n.1, 2000, p.19.

Diary of an adolescent: 1 January 2048, by F. Hugo.
v.19, n.1, 2000, p.18.

Moving our focus to Asia, by C. Jensen.
v.19, n.1, 2000, p.16.

Youth will find solutions, by J. Abbott-Chapman.
v.19, n.1, 2000, pp.14-15.

Studying youth subcultures: A challenge ot our preconceptions about youth, by R. White.
v.18, n.4, 1999, pp.36-37.

Young people, culture and the law, by D. Malcolm.
v.18, n.4, 1999, pp.29-35.

Star Wars and writing a popular memory: We'll always have Tatooine, by T. Brabazon.
v.18, n.4, 1999, pp.11-16.

Anarchy in identity: 20 years of punk, by S. Hopkins.
v.16, n.1, 1997, pp.11-18.

Post-youth culture and the politics of memory , T. Brabazon.
v.15, n.2, 1996, pp.21-28.

You just dance? Sky Theatre Rave: A creative enterprise by young people for young people, by S. Allison.
v.15, n.2, 1996, pp.18-19.

Synthetic ecstasy: The youth culture of techno music, by S. Hopkins.
v.15, n.2, 1996, pp.12-17.

Generation Pulp: Entertainment and the postmodern generation, by S. Hopkins.
v.14, n.3, 1995, pp.14-17.

Youth culture in Sweden, by YARN (Youth Affairs Research Network).
v.14, n.2, 1995, p.53.

Points of view: Responses to 'Values and visions' (v.14 n.1), by R. Eckersley.
v.14, n.2, 1995, pp.46-52.

Values and visions: Youth and the failure of modern Western culture, by R. Eckersley.
v.14, n.1, 1995, pp.13-21.

The tomorrow people: The Japanese youth challenge to traditional values , by D. Sandhu.
v.13, n.3, 1994, pp.53-55.

The maintenance of minority cultures, by K. Batorowicz.
v.13, n.1, 1994, pp.40-42.

Youth subculture: Does it exist in the real world?, by L.C. Ehrich.
v.12, n.3, 1993, pp.31-33.

The times they are still a'changing: Characteristics of Tasmanian adolescent peer groups, by C. Denholm, T. Horniblow and R. Smalley.
v.11, n.2, 1992, pp.18-25.

Reassessing street kids: A critique of subculture theory, by G. Tait.
v.11, n.2, 1992, pp.12-17.

Young people, culture and popular music, by F. Cassidy.
v.10, n.2, 1991, pp.34-39.

Consuming images: Adolescence, food and culture, by L. Manderson
'Youth Studies and Abstracts: Bulletin of the National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies', 1988/89 v.7/8 n.4/1, pp.33-37.

Greek versus Aussies: Male youth culture, school and work in the inner city, by J.C. Walker
'Youth Studies and Abstracts: Bulletin of the National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies', 1987 v.6 n.1, pp.6-11.