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Disabilities and youth

WAM: Willing and Able Mentoring Program, by Kevin Murfitt
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Sibling Project, by Kate Strohm
(provision of services for siblings of children with disabilities or chronic illness)
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Disabling or enabling: The rhetoric and practice of integration, by R. Slee and S. Cook.
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Friendships and feelings: Young women with disabilities talk about their personal lives, by J. Bramley, C. van Kraayenoord and J. Elkins.
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Finding a way in: Researching the experiences of young deaf people, by F. Prosser.
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Living with Tourettes: It's just a part of me, by S. Rogers.
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Disabilities legislation in the US: A brief note on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), by E. Clark.
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Marginalised young people and the power of decision making, by C. Brown.
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