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Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia

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Sounds of then, sounds of now

Exploring young people's beliefs and images about sun safety
K.M. White, N.G. Robinson, R.McD. Young, P.J. Anderson, M.K. Hyde, S. Greenbank, J. Keane, T. Rolfe, P. Vardon and D. Baskerville
v.27, n.4, 2008, pp.43-49. Summary(View summary)

What does wellbeing mean? Perspectives of wellbeing among young people and youth workers in rural Victoria, by Lisa Bourke and Paula Geldens
v.26, n.1, 2007, pp.41-49.

Time out in 'green retreats' & adolescent wellbeing
Joan Abbott-Chapman
v.25, n.4, 2006, pp.9-16.

Primary health care for young people: Are there models of service delivery that improve access and quality?, by Melissa Kang, Diana Bernard, Tim Usherwood, Susan Quine, Garth Alperstein, Helen Kerr-Roubicek, Abigail Elliott & David Bennett.
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.49-59.

RRISK: A sustainable intersectoral partnership, by Jane Elkington, Eric van Beurden, Avigdor Zask, Reyna Dight & Wendy Johnson.
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.17-24.

The Resilient Families program: Promoting health and wellbeing in adolescents and their parents during the transition to secondary school, by
Alison Shortt, John Toumbourou, Rianna Chapman & Elke Power.
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.33-40.

Health and wellbeing: How do young people see these concepts?
Gary Easthope & Rob White
2006, v.25, n.1, pp.42-49.

Time out in 'green retreats' & adolescent wellbeing
Joan Abbott-Chapman
2006, v.25, n.4, pp.9-16.

Active thinking: Introduction, by Geoff Dickson, Guest editor of special focus edition on youth sport, physical activity and leisure in Australia and New Zealand
v.24, n.1, 2005, p.9.

Active transportation: An important part of adolescent physical activity,
by Grant Schofield, Louise Schofield and Kerry Mummery
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.43-47.

Barriers to physical activity in young New Zealanders, by Mike Hamlin and Jenny Ross
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.31-37.

Physical activity levels of first-year New Zealand university students,
by Kim Sinclair, Mike Hamlin and Daniel Steel
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.38-42.

Sloth or gluttony: Understanding obesity in New Zealand youth
by Grant Schofield, Louise Schofield, Geoff Dickson and Karen Croteau
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The Marrickville Mural: Raising awareness of Hepatitis C prevention, by Suzanne Gleeson, Leigh Cantero, Tanya Jochelson and Chris Rissel.
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Getting physical: The importance of physical activity in the prevention of overweight and obesity in youth, by Han C.G. Kemper
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Local initiatives: Background notes on obesity and sport in young Australians, by Sue Headley.
v.23, n.1, 2004, pp.42-46.

Danger on the roads! Masculinity, the car, and safety, by Malcolm Vick.
v.22, n.1, 2003, pp.32-36.

Suicide, schools and young people: Tackling the youth suicide industry, by
Michael Carr-Gregg.
v.22, n.3, 2003, pp.32-35.

Surviving risk: Juvenile justice workers' perspectives on managing blood borne viruses and other health risks, by Mary O'Brien and Zoe Greenwood.
v.22, n.3, 2003, pp.25-31.

Working with schools to promote emotional health and prevent depression: The ACE Program (Adolescents Coping with Emotions), by Nick Kowalenko, Ann Wignall, Ron Rapee, Julie Simmons, Kathy Whitefield and Roger Stonehouse.
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The complexities of ethnic adolescent health: An Australian perspective, by Barbara Bryan and J.A. Batch.
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Friends, authority and health: An insight into young people's smoking habits and efforts to quit, by Debbie Fergus, Jennifer Rowe and Margaret McAllister
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Sex, drugs and drinking: Health risks in the social lives of young workers, by Jo Lindsay.
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Sibling Project, by Kate Strohm
v.20, n.4, 2001, pp.48-52.

Identity status and youth recklessness, by G. Bradley and P. Matsukis.
v.19, n.4, 2000, pp.48-53.

Sex files: Exploring sexuality through Dolly magazine, by M. Kang.
v.19, n.4, 2000, pp.28-33.

Talking sexual health: What goes into a national framework for HIV/AIDS education in secondary schools?, by A. Mitchell, D. Ollis and J. Watson.
v.19, n.4, 2000, pp.22-27.

Hepatitis C: feature issue.
v.19, n.3, 2000.

The fine line: Students' perceptions of drinking, having fun and losing control, by F. Farringdon, N. McBride and R. Midford.
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It's too clean in here: Motivating adolescents in hospital, by J. White and K. Walker.
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Condemning their children: Inheritance of patterns of work-related injury, by C. James.
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