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Cover (small) September 2008 Youth Studies Australia

Harnessing the power of perception: Reducing alcohol-related harm among rural teenagers, by Clarissa Hughes, Roberta Julian, Matthew Richman, Ron Mason and Gillian Long
v.27, n.2, pp.26-35. Summary

Rural youth and multimedia: An interagency approach, by Susan Brumby, Robyn Eversole, Kaye Scholfield & Leanne Watt
v.26, n.4, pp.29-36.

What does wellbeing mean? Perspectives of wellbeing among young people and youth workers in rural Victoria, by Lisa Bourke and Paula Geldens
v.26, n.1, 2007, pp.41-49.

Rural adolescents' attitudes to seeking help for mental health problemsKristy Francis, Candice Boyd, Damon Aisbett, Karyn Newnham & Krystal Newnham
v.25, n.4, 2006, pp.42-49.

Going bush: Youth work in rural settings
Howard Sercombe
v.25, n.3, 2006, pp.9-16.

Social capital: A rural youth perspective, by Jenny Onyx, Craig Wood, Paul Bullen and Lynelle Osburn.
v.24, n.4, 2005, pp.21-27.

Homeless youth in the country: Exploring options for change, by Jane Farrin, Maureen Dollard and Brian Cheers.
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.31-36.

Remote communities, child telepsychiatry and primary health care, by Brendan Sheahan
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.52-55.

Alcohol-related social disorder and rural youth, by Paul Williams
v.20, n.3, 2001, pp.11-19.

Leadership from within: rural community revitalisation and the school-community partnership, by Susan Johns, Sue Kilpatrick, Ian Faulk and Bill Mulford
v.20, n.3, 2001, pp.20-25.

Rural resilience: youth 'making a life' in regions of high unemployment, by Joan Abbott-Chapman
v.20, n.3, 2001, pp.26-31.

Hopes and fears: the life choices, aspirations and well-being of young rural women, by Penny Warner-Smith and Christina Lee
v.20, n.3, 2001, pp.32-37.

Anxiety and depression in young people: a collaborative rural and remote model, by Warren Bartik, Nick Kowalenko, Kathy Whitefield and Ann Wignall
v.20, n.3, 2001, pp.38-42.

Rural youth run RYOT, by Sheila Allison
v.20, n.3, 2001, p.43.

Rural CAMHS: for better or worse, by Brendan Sheahan
v.20, n.3, 2001, pp.44-48.

'Tell Me About it': a community-based project to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy in Wagga Wagga, by Jacinta Makin and Susan Butler
v.20, n.3, 2001, pp.49-52.

Nothing to do: The relationship between 'leisure boredom' and alcohol and drug addiction: Is there a link to youth suicide in rural Australia?, by I. Patterson and S. Pegg.
v.18, n.2, 1999, pp.24-29.

Outlook of rural secondary students: A preliminary case study in North Queensland, by L. Bourke.
v.16, n.3, 1997, pp.11-16.

Transport for young people in a rural area: Patterns, problems and prospects, by R. Green and J. McDonald.
v.15, n.3, 1996, pp.38-42.

Surviving Satanism: Overcoming self-destructive behaviour in rural adolescents, by L. Johnson.
v.13, n.3, 1994, pp.46-52.

Overcoming the rural disadvantage: A literature review and a framework to integrate rural education, by K. Bell.
v.11, n.2, 1992, pp.46-51.

Suicide in isolation: Actual and attempted suicides in Broken Hill, by H. Lohse.
v.11, n.1, 1992, pp.33-38.

Coming in from the country: Tertiary education participation by remote rural students, by C.R. Boylan.
v.10, n.4, 1991, pp.52-55.

Planning local services for rural young people, by B. McKenzie.
v.9, n.4, 1990, pp.24-26.

Computer applications in rural youth agencies, by R. Underwood and B. Sheridan.
v.9, n.1, 1990, pp.51-54.

Rural youth work: Some considerations, by B. Furze
'Youth Studies and Abstracts: Bulletin of the National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies', 1986 v.5 n.3, pp.25-28.