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Cover (small) September 2008 Youth Studies Australia
Youth suicide prevention

Suicide, schools and young people: Tackling the youth suicide industry, by Michael Carr-Gregg.
v.22, n.3, 2003, pp.32-35.

Suicide prevention training: A workshop, by S. Wright and G. Martin.
v.19, n.2, 2000, pp.39-42.

Nothing to do: The relationship between 'leisure boredom' and alcohol and drug addiction: Is there a link to youth suicide in rural Australia?, by I. Patterson and S. Pegg.
v.18, n.2, 1999, pp.24-29.

Better dead than gay? Depression, suicide ideation and attempt among a sample of gay and straight-identified males aged 18 to 24, by J. Nicholas and J. Howard.
v.17, n.4, 1998, pp.28-33.

Young gay men and suicide: A report of a study exploring the reasons which young men give for suicide ideation, by R. Macdonald and T. Cooper.
v.17, n.4, 1998, pp.23-27.

The voice of Australian children: A retrospective of Kids Help Line suicide data 1991-1997, by J. Clark and W. Reid.
v.17, n.4, 1998, pp.17-22.

Public school professionals' understanding, perceptions and experience of youth suicidal behaviour, by, p.J. Mallett and K.J. Swabey.
v.16, n.2, 1997, pp.41-49.

Ignored to death: Representations of young gay men, lesbians and bisexuals in Australian youth suicide policy and programs, by M. Emslie.
v.15, n.4, 1996, pp.38-42.

Suicide in isolation: Actual and attempted suicides in Broken Hill, by H. Lohse.
v.11, n.1, 1992, pp.33-38.

Adolescent suicide: Part 3: Imitation and the clustering phenomenon, by G. Martin.
v.11, n.1, 1992, pp.28-32.

Adolescent suicide: Part 2: Postvention in a school, by G. Martin.
v.11, n.1, 1992, pp.24-27.

Adolescent suicide: Part 1: The effects on adolescents of the completed suicide of another student, by G. Martin, N. Kuller and, p. Hazell.
v.11, n.1, 1992, pp.20-23.

Youth suicide: Prevention taskforce position paper, by B. Hart
Youth Studies and Abstracts: Bulletin of the National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies', 1988/89 v.7/8 n.4/1, pp.48-53.