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June 2006

Special issue on families, services and schools working with young people

YSA June 2006

Working together: Families, services, schools and young people

Feature articles

Comfortably numb: Young people, drugs and the seductions of popular culture
Karen Brooks
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RRISK: A sustainable intersectoral partnership
Jane Elkington, Eric van Beurden, Avigdor Zask, Reyna Dight & Wendy Johnson
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The BEST Plus approach to assisting families recover from youth substance problems
John Bamberg, Steven Findley & John Toumbourou
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The Resilient Families program: Promoting health and wellbeing in adolescents and their parents during the transition to secondary school
Alison Shortt, John Toumbourou, Rianna Chapman & Elke Power
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The 'Teen Triple P' Positive Parenting Program: A preliminary evaluation
Alan Ralph, Matthew Sanders
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Primary health care for young people: Are there models of service delivery that improve access and quality?
Melissa Kang, Diana Bernard, Tim Usherwood, Susan Quine,
Garth Alperstein,Helen Kerr-Roubicek, Abigail Elliott & David Bennett
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Regular columns:

Youth Monitor
A national roundup of recent press reports on youth issues
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Youth initiatives:
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