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Youth Studies Australia
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Popular texts of interest to youth studies and sociology  include Youth subcultures; Ethnic minority youth in Australia; Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia, and more.

Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia, tiny version

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September 2006


Table of contents

Editorial: Just behaviour,

Feature articles:

Going bush: Youth work in rural settings
Howard Sercombe
Summary  | Full text | PDF

Youth work in schools: Should youth workers also be teachers?
Tim Corney
Summary  | Full text | PDF

'Just boys being boys'?
Leanne Dalley-Trim
Summary  | Full text | PDF

Bully/victim students and classroom climate
Shoko Yoneyama & Ken Rigby
Summary | Full text | PDF

Responsible drinking knowledge: A comparison of Australian apprentices and university students
Nicki Dowling, David Clark & Tim Corney
Summary  | Full text | PDF

Ring, ring, why did I make that call? Mobile phone beliefs and behaviour among Australian university students
Shari Walsh & Katherine White
Summary | Full text | PDF

Also in this issue:

Youth monitor: A national roundup of recent press reports on youth issues

Book reviews
Student action Teams
Normal is the only way to be

Summaries of research reported in recent academic journals.

Youth initiatives:
Youth in focus, p.64.

Note that as well as being viewed article-by-article, this issue can also be downloaded as a PDF (whole journal; warning, large file).