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Youth Studies Australia
Each issue of our journal contains up to six research- and practice-based articles on Australian youth. View the contents pages.

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Popular texts of interest to youth studies and sociology  include Youth subcultures; Ethnic minority youth in Australia; Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia, and more.

Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia, tiny version

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September 2007

YSA September 07 cover

Youth Studies Australia VOLUME 26 NUMBER 3
Media release

Table of contents

More of a good thing
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  • Underpaid and exploited: Pay-related employment concerns experienced by young workers,
    by Paula McDonald, Sandra Backstrom and Aaron Allegretto
    Summary | Full text (subscribers only) | PDF
  • Young people and citizenship: An everyday perspective,
    by Anita Harris, Johanna Wyn and Salem Younes
    Summary | Full text (subscribers only) | PDF
  • Young people, dangerous driving and car culture,
    by Hannah Graham and Rob White
    Summary | Full text (subscribers only) |  PDF
  • Youth work training package review: More of the same or radical rationalisation?
    by Tim Corney and Robyn Broadbent
    Summary | Full text (subscribers only): PDF
  • The politics of education: Why stand-alone youth work degrees matter
    by Judith Bessant
    Summary | Full text (subscribers only): PDF
  • Youth work: A deconstructive approach for those who work with young refugees
    by Peter Westoby and Ann Ingamells
    Summary | Full text (subscribers only): PDF

p.9. News of the proceedings of the Are we there yet? National youth affairs conference, held in Melbourne in May 2007.  Read article | download PDF (single page).

Regular columns:

pp.3-9: Youth Monitor: A national roundup of recent press reports on youth issues, compiled by Kate Gross
View full text (subscribers only)  PDF

pp.58-63: Abstracts
compiled by Kate Gross
Full text (subscribers only): PDF

p.64: Youth initiatives
Career advice Australia
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