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YSA March09 cover, tiny version

Youth Studies Australia
Our peer reviewed quarterly journal contains up to six research- and practice-based articles on Australian youth each quarter.

Youth Field Xpress
Our popular monthly newsletter helps you to stay up-to-date with a wide array of news from the youth field each month.

ACYS also publishes books on youth studies and sociology subjects.

Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia

Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia, tiny version

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First check with your academic library to see if your institution already has a subscription to Youth Studies Australia via Informit.

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then subscribe to the online edition through:
  • RMIT / Informit Online Services:
    Individuals and organisations can subscribe to the online edition through Informit. Contact them for costs, which are based on a sliding scale of charges depending on your sector and numbers of intending users.
    Contact: RMIT / Informit Online Services.
  • ACYS:
    As the publishers of Youth Studies Australia, ACYS provides subscriptions to the online edition for individuals and for organisations (for up to 5 computers only) via IP address, not IP range. Note: we are phasing out username and password access. Contact ACYS.

  • NOTE: Libraries and large organisations that need IP-authenticated access via IP range must subscribe to the online edition of Youth Studies Australia through RMIT / Informit Online Services.

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