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Aggression management training for youth in behaviour schools: A quasi-experimental study

by Anna Wheatley, Rachael Murrihy, Jacobine van Kessel, Viviana Wuthrich,
Louise RĂ©mond, Rebekka Tuqiri, Mark Dadds and Antony Kidman

Youth Studies Australia, v.28, n.1, 2009, pp.29-36.

Summary: A 16-week, bi-weekly, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)-based aggression management training course was conducted with a limited sample of behavioural school students in New South Wales. Attendance, withdrawal and suspension rates over the training period were compared to those of a control period. Parent and teacher feedback, assessed at pre- and post-training, delivered preliminary information on disruptive behaviours and peer relations. Results revealed mixed findings with some improvements in disruptive behaviours, suspensions and withdrawals over the training period. Further research is needed to replicate these findings with a larger group of students.

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