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Youth Studies Australia v.13 n.1
March 1994

The Dutch Welfare State in transition: The case of youth policy,
by Peter Kwakkelstein

Youth Studies Australia, v.13 n.1 pp.12-18

With welfare services becoming increasingly unaffordable, the ideological debate in The Netherlands is turning from that of a 'caring state' towards a 'caring society'. Is there a lesson (or model) for Australia in the Dutch policy where welfare responsibilities are being decentralised to the level of local governments?

The making of a youth underclass
by Rob White

Youth Studies Australia, v.13 n.1 pp.19-23

This review of the causes and inevitable effects of youth unemployment and poverty calls for greater political will and bolder vision of a future that is more fair and more just for the many young Australians who are facing the prospect of an underclass existence.

Corporate sponsorship in the classroom
by Kerry Sunderland

Youth Studies Australia, v.13 n.1 pp.24-28

At a time when schools are finding it increasingly difficult to fund special programs and activities, the commercial world is stepping into the breach with corporate sponsorship deals. While schools and non-profit organisations are unable to go it alone, sponsorship raises some fundamental questions.

Diversion from custody and rehabilitation of juvenile detainees: Management philosophies of the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice
by Michael Cain

Youth Studies Australia, v.13 n.1 pp.29-35

New South Wales' reputation as a fairly punative State in the area of juvenile justice is changing. There is now a strong reformist attitude which is already recording significant successes.

Keeping juveniles out of prison
by Judge Hal Jackson

Youth Studies Australia, v.13 n.1 pp.36-39

The immediate past president of the Children's Court of Western Australia, Judge Hal Jackson, looks at the dilemma of juveniles in custody and reviews the alternatives.

The maintenance of minority cultures
by Krzysztof Batorowicz

Youth Studies Australia, v.13 n.1 pp.40-42

This research, using young people of Slavonic origin, highlights the issue of preservation of ethnic cultures, especially languages, and the role of the government and educational institutions in the process of cultural maintenance.

The place of youth work in a remote Aboriginal community
by Craig Milburn

Youth Studies Australia, v.13 n.1 pp.44-48

Craig Milburn was community youth worker with the Kaltjiti Aboriginal community in 1991-92, the first such position on the Pitjantjatjara lands. He examines the place of youth work in a traditional Aboriginal community and emphasises the need for understanding the culture of the community, including language, and the role and place of young people in that community.

What is deviant? - A comparison of marijuana usage within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and white Australian youth subcultures
by Jeremy Davey & Glenn Dawes

Youth Studies Australia, 1994, v.13 n.1 pp.49-52

This research attempts to report an insider's view of how marijuana usage is part of being an adolescent in both of the groups studied. 'These youth did not view their use of marijuana as deviant or as a rejection of social convention and norms. They tended, however, to see their behaviour as being more or less representative of adolescent behaviour in general.'