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National vocational training policy and youth work training
by Robyn Broadbent

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.2 pp.11-17

Robyn Broadbent outlines the history that underpins the principles of training reform in the 1990s and then reviews the changes that drove specific training reforms affecting youth work training. In the new training system, national competency standards rather than curricula become the basis for all training, learning, assessment and qualifications.

Establishing a youth studies program
by Judith Bessant

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.2 pp.18-21

Judith Bessant discusses generically the steps involved in establishing a post-secondary youth work program. She includes cautionary notes about pitfalls to avoid, but also describes some of the rewards to be gained from the establishment of a course of high quality.

IT: Educating for youth work practice in a network society
by Judith Bessant

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.2 pp.22-28

The use and potential of the newer forms of information technology (IT) in relation to young people is not well understood, so it is not surprising that the relationship between young people and IT has not, to date, played a more important role in the education of youth workers. Judith Bessant outlines the role information technology (IT) plays in young people's lives before discussing the potential of IT to enhance the agency of young people.

Studying to be a youth worker: A student perspective
by Wendy Houston & Michaela Pelavaniuc

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.2 pp.29-36

This paper, presented at the Youth 98 conference, surveys the various youth work courses available at universities and TAFE colleges in Victoria, and analyses the curricula in these educational facilities. It also provides insights into how some of the students participating in these programs experience their study.

Theorising youth and difference: Implications for youth work practice
by Heather Stewart

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.2 pp.36-40

In this paper, Heather Stewart considers the ways youth service workers understand and conceptualise young people's oppression and difference, and puts forward a number of propositions which raise the question of the productiveness or effectiveness of continuing to organise as a sector around age issues.

Youth work and youth studies courses in Australia
by Anne Hugo & Sue Anderson

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.2 pp.42-48

A "resource in progress", this information is a guide to the variety of courses in the youth field including those provided by university, TAFE and private organisations. (See updates to this article on the ACYS web site.)