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Young people, public space and New Urbanism
by Phil Crane and Mike Dee

Youth Studies Australia, v.20, n.1, March 2001, pp.11-18

New Urbanism is a community model of public space that claims that urban design can create community. However, critics argue that it is more a marketing ploy that 'plays on a deep-routed conservatism' and involves an 'architectural determinism' that contains subtle but powerful exclusionary dynamics. Phil Crane and Mike Dee discuss these arguments and other public space issues which arose at the 27th International Conference on 'Making Cities Livable' held in Vienna last year.

Youth participation in designing public spaces
by Rob White

Youth Studies Australia, v.20, n.1, March 2001, pp.19-26

Young people have always been attracted to public spaces; however, issues such as risk-taking behaviour and boredom can arise because many of these spaces are ill-suited for either social or recreational use. Rob White believes that involving young people in the design and planning of public spaces will benefit young people, their parents and other members of the community; and he suggests a number of ways to increase young people's participation in these processes.

Moving in the wrong direction: An analysis of police move-on powers in Queensland
by Paul Spooner

Youth Studies Australia, v.20, n.1, March 2001, pp.27-31

In March 2000, the Queensland government passed legislation that extended the scope of move-on powers used by police in public spaces. Paul Spooner undertook an analysis of the use of the move-on legislation in regard to young people and found some evidence that abuse of powers could occur.

Addressing homophobia and sex-based discrimination in schools
by Darryl Murray

Youth Studies Australia, v.20, n.1, March 2001, pp.32-36

Homophobia in secondary schools in Australia has a major impact on the health and well-being of many young people. However, with the help of programs such as Family Planning Queensland's Out With Homophobia Workshop, teachers can affect changes in the attitudes of their students and contribute to organisational changes to provide a safe and non-homophobic school environment.

Strengthening welfare services for young people: The vision and the challenge
by John McDonald and Louise Hayes

Youth Studies Australia, v.20, n.1, March 2001, pp.37-42

A 1997 Victorian government report identified a major decline in many of the indicators of well-being of young people over the past three or four decades. In response to mounting concerns, the Kennett government launched the Framework for Student Support Services in Victorian Government Schools. The authors suggest that a thorough review of this Framework is necessary and should take into account lessons learned from American efforts at school reform.

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